12 June 2024

LMH Mixtape #215: Role-Playing Games 3

You wake up in your peaceful village, where warm inviting music is playing in the background.  You meet up with some of your friends for a day of celebration, but suddenly the town is attacked by a dark force (queue ominous music).  You and your companions set out to save the world from this darkness.  You venture forth into the world (inspiring traveling music plays).  Suddenly, your party is attacked by a random monster, and intense battle music begins playing!  You win the battle and are greeted with triumphant music celebrating your victory. 

This is just the first small step on what will become an incredible and epic journey.  What other wonderful music will you encounter along the way?  I wonder what's in that cave up ahead?  Only one way to find out, and that is to dive right into this role-playing game focused mixtape.  This is the third (sort of fourth) RPG focus for LMH, and there is no shortage of amazing music to enjoy.  Grab your sword and headphones, and prepare to set forth on this musical odyssey!


Instant Favorite: Last Bible III - Sky Wing
Another Favorite: Albert Odyssey 2: Jashin no Taidou - Straying off in the Depth
Melancholic, but also Beautiful: Mystic Ark - Threads of Memories
Dark, yet Playful: Dark Kingdom - Town

Track listing and original episode:

05 June 2024

Episode 273: Beyond 16-Bit 10

Another beyond fourth generation episode.  You know how it goes by now, right?  Note: Rob does play a piece at one point that turned out to be a music library track, so... illegal, that one was.  The boizz also talk about trilogies.  Full track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Mystic Warriors: Wrath of the Ninjas - Mr. Inoue - Great Airforce (Stage 7 BGM 2) - Konami - arcade - 1993

Jim Power - Chris H├╝lsbeck - Title - Loriciels/Micro World - PC Engine CD-ROM² - 1993

Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-Bit Land - Jake Kaufman - Credits - WayForward/D3Publisher - Nintendo 3DS - 2013

Super Monkey Ball - Hidenori Shoji, Haruyoshi Tomita, Sakae Osumi - Monkey Billiards - Amusement Vision/Sega - GameCube - 2001

Everhood - KM_EXP - Reconciliation (excerpt) - Foreign Gnomes - Nintendo Switch - 2021

Neo Turf Masters - Takushi Hiyamuta (Hiya) - Blue Lagoon Golf Course (Australia) - Nazca/SNK - Neo Geo - 1996

Metal Slug - Takushi Hiyamuta (Hiya!) - Stage 2 - Nazca/SNK - Neo Geo - 1996

Pebble Beach Golf Links - Yumi Satake (Yumi Kinoshita) - Settings - T&E Soft - Sega Saturn - 1995

Cyber Shadow - Enrique Martin (Pentadrangle) - Mekacity Docks (Chapter 4) - Mechanical Head Studios/Yacht Club Games - Xbox One - 2021

Border Down - Yasuhisa Watanabe (Yack) - Why do you come back? (Ending A) - G.Rev - Dreamcast - 2003

Wario Land: Shake It! - Tomoya Tomita - Ropey Jungle - Good-Feel/Nintendo - Wii - 2008

Jack Nicklaus Turbo Golf - Dwight Mikkelsen - Unused (Hollywood) - Sculptured Software/Accolade - TurboGrafx-CD - 1992

OverTop - Keiichiro Segawa - Music Of The Wind (BGM 4) - ADK/SNK - Neo Geo - 1996

29 May 2024

LMH Mixtape #214: Virgin

This mixtape has a lot to offer, starting with a classic high-energy shoot-them-up track from the arcade game Saint Dragon.  "Be Your Age! (Area 3)" from Viewpoint is playful and quirky while also being really catchy.  That is followed immediately by "Altar of Dreams" from Hani in the Sky which features an instrument that sounds a lot like an office telephone ringing, yet somehow fits really well within the track!  "Training Boss 1-1: Trol (IZ-HD310)" from Heavy Nova features a baseline that is very reminiscent of the track "Lower Brinstar" from Super Metroid. 

From arcade to PC Engine to Satellaview, this mix has a bit of everything.  Finally, if this is your first time hearing any of these tracks, then your Virgin ears are in for a treat!


Instant Favorite: Battle Tycoon: Flash Hiders SFX - Map
Another Favorite: Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master - Idaten
Relaxing yet eerie: BS-X: Sore wa Namae o Nusumareta Machi no Monogatari - Naming Screen

Track listing and original episode:

22 May 2024

LMH Mixtape #213: Sports 5

Grab your favorite jersey, because the LMH boizz are back again for the fifth installment of the topic that keeps on giving... Sports!  Even if you're not a sports fan, LMH users can tell you that a sports focused episode means one thing: really great music.  For example, "Main BGM" from Konami Hyper Soccer is an absolute jam, but due to its limited release as a European exclusive, many may have missed it.  Luckily the LMH crew are pros at digging up these hidden gems.  Of course no sports episode would be complete without a track from the fan-favorite, Pebble Beach Golf Links.  So get pumped, because it's game time!


Instant Favorite: Konami Hyper Soccer - Main BGM
Energetic Favorite: AWS Pro Moves Soccer - Menu Theme
Classic 80's Famicom VGM: Exciting Boxing - gameplay

Track listing and original episode:

15 May 2024

LMH Mixtape #212: Kindergarten Graduation

This mixtape hits hard right out of the gate with an energetic track from Battle Mania: Daiginjou, followed immediately by a super cool track from Mario no Super Picross which features some iconic Mario-style percussion.  It doesn't stop there though.  The track "Un Caillou Ricochet (Area 2)" from Viewpoint showcases a solo that can only be described as "going off.”  All that and so much more in this free play.


Instant Favorite: Human Grand Prix IV: F1 Dream Battle - World Champion
Another Favorite: Mario no Super Picross - Mario Puzzle 4
Most Energetic: Battle Mania: Daiginjou - Twilight Express

Track listing and original episode: