27 November 2019

LMH Mixtape #106: Side-Scrolling and Platforming 2

Episode 106 was the Legacy Music Hour's second side-scrolling and platforming focus, and man, it was GOOD.  As far as KeyGlyph is concerned, it introduced her to not one, not two, but THREE new tracks that became instant ultra favorites, and they've stayed that way for her ever since.  If you felt the same way about any of these tunes, get ready to have your world rocked all over again.  Seriously.  What a lineup.


Brewed new favorite:  Daze Before Christmas - Elves Factories
Other brewed new favorite:  TwinBee: Rainbow Bell Adventure - Rainbow Music Factory

Now That I've Found It, I Can't Live Without It:  Pulseman - Stereo Protect
Now That I've Found It, I Can't Live Without It Either:  Gimmick! - Identity Believer (Boss Theme 2)
Now That I've Found It, I Can't Live Without It Hat Trick:  Wolfchild - Stage 1: Wolfship

Blatant Favoritism Award:  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Sewer 1

Track listing and original episode:


20 November 2019

LMH Mixtape #105: Castlevania

Castlevania had certainly been no stranger to the Legacy Music Hour during the show's first two years, but by Episode 105 there was still so much music left to feature that it was time for a dedicated series focus.  If that was your jam, be sure to equip this mixtape as your subweapon so you can enjoy the tunes all over again whenever you have the hearts to spare.


Instant new favorite: Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse - Evergreen
Other instant new favorite: Haunted Castle - Don't Wait Until Night (Bridge Stage BGM)

Pretty sure this tune is perfect in every way: Haunted Castle - Don't Wait Until Night (Bridge Stage BGM)

Track listing and original episode:


06 November 2019

Episode 218: Puzzle Games 3

Mixtape mistress Emily joins the boizz on this puzzle game focus and gives them a bunch of gifts.  The episode also seems to have a beach theme -lots of the tracks tend to relate to water and relaxation and tropical stuff.  Full track listing below.

Game - Composer - Track - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Columns III: Revenge of Columns - Morihiko Akiyama - Networked Melon - Sega - Genesis - 1993

Mole Mania - Taro Bando - Beach Theme - Nintendo/Pax Softonica - Game Boy - 1997

Ishido - Masaharu Iwata - Unknown Theme A - Hiro - Famicom Disk System - 1990

Soreyuke Ebisumaru Karakuri: Meiro Kieta Goemon no Nazo - unknown - Level Music 7 - Konami - Super Famicom - 1996

S.O.S: Sink or Swim - Tim Haywood - Ending - Zeppelin Games/Titus - SNES - 1996

Shi Kin Jou - Shinichi Seya (A.S.S.), Hiroshi Tsukamoto (Tsukamoto) - Warrior's Relaxation - Sunsoft - Mega Drive - 1991

Soldam - Yasuyuki Suzuki, Atsuyoshi Isemura - VS Mode - Jaleco - arcade (Japan) - 1992

Puyo Puyo - Masanobu Tsukamoto (Mats) - Sticker - Compile - Mega Drive - 1992

Pieces - Nobuyuki Hara - Puzzle Music 3 - Prism Kikaku/Atlus - SNES - 1994

Shanghai II - Hiroshi Tsukamoto (Tsukachan), Yukichan - In-Game Theme C - Sunsoft - Game Gear (Japan) - 1990

Mario’s Picross - Toshiyuki Ueno - Star Course - Nintendo/Jupiter Corporation - Game Boy - 1995

Fire 'n Ice - Ryuichi Nitta (Kajiya Shitamachi) - Grandma’s House (Menu) - Tecmo - NES - 1993