30 March 2016

LMH Mixtape #40: Free Play 4

The headquarters was in free play mode again for its 40th anniversary, and this episode brought up a lot of difficult questions.  Are the Ninja Turtles superheroes?  Is Steve Rogers' transformation into Captain America a tragedy?  And seriously, did anyone pronounce the word "prix" right as a child?  Ponder the philosophical depths as you tune into the mixtape's uninterrupted jams, then travel back to the original episode to hear the boizz weigh in on the issues.


Instant new favorite:  Madou Monogatari I - Opening (Part 2 - Dark Noble's Theme)
Brewed new favorite:  Super Nazo Puyo 2 - Overworld

Inspires the loudest sing-alongs:  Super Tennis - Ending
Somebody please expand these lyrics*:  Madou Monogatari I - Main BGM 1 (Floors 1-10)

*Brent and Rob's freestyle begins at 01:16:44 in the original episode

Track listing and original episode:


16 March 2016

LMH Mixtape #39: Side-Scrolling and Platforming

The side-scrolling and platforming genres are kinda like the bread and butter of classic gaming, so why not take a delicious stroll with the boizz?  Just keep heading to the right to savor the tunes.


Instant new favorite:  Eek! The Cat - Zoo
Other instant new favorite:  James Pond: Underwater Agent - From Three Mile Island With Love

Brewed new favorite:  Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts - Castle of the Emperor
Other brewed new favorite:  Plok - Beach

This song has lyrics:  Super Mario World - Fortress*
This song also has lyrics:  Dynamite Headdy - Crosswalk of Love**

* VGM Karaoke begins at 00:44:20 in the original episode
** VGM Karaoke begins at 00:51:18 in the original episode

Track listing and original episode:


02 March 2016

Episode 174: Free Play 26

Episode 174 is an unofficial focus on haircut tracks.  That is, track names that are haircut related.  Rob specifically made his track list haircut themed, and Brent did too, but spontaneously while the episode was recording, after finding out how Rob prepared.  And actually, regardless of the track names, this is definitely the haircut episode, because there's lots of talk about haircuts and scissors and other barber related stuff.  So, to recap, this is officially the haircut episode, but musically, it's ultimately, basically a free play.  Well, you be the judge.  Full track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

The Lawnmower Man - Allister Brimble - Main Theme - The Sales Curve/THQ - SNES - 1993

Itadaki Street: Watashi no Oten ni Yottette - Toshiyuki Ueno - Hello, World (Set-up) - ASCII/Game Studio/Loginsoft - Famicom - 1991

Blades of Steel - Shinya Sakamoto, Kazuki Muraoka, Atsushi Fujio, Kiyohiro Sada - Intermission - Konami - NES - 1988

Bionic Commando - Junko Tamiya - Albatross HQ - Capcom - NES - 1988

Tinhead - Paul Tonge - Ending Theme - MicroProse/Ballistic - Genesis - 1993

Super C - Kazuki Muraoka, Motoaki Furukawa, Hidenori Maezawa (arr.) - Stage 1: Lightning and Grenades - Konami - NES - 1990

After Burner II - Hiroshi Kawaguchi, Noriyuki Iwadare (arr.) - Red Out - Sega - Genesis - 1990

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project - Kozo Nakamura, Yuichi Sakakura, Tomoya Tomita - Scene 2 - Konami - NES - 1992

Soldier Blade - Keita Hoshi, Makiko Tanifuji - Operation 2 - Hudson Soft - TurboGrafx-16 - 1992

Light Crusader - Aki Hata, Katsuhiko Suzuki - Title Screen/Boss Defeated - Treasure - Genesis - 1995

Lucky Luke - Alberto José González - Unused (?) - Bit Managers/Infogrames - Game Boy (Europe) - 1996