18 June 2014

LMH Mixtape #1: Theme Song

Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together for the moment you've all been waiting for! The Legacy Music Hour Mixtapes are finally here, courtesy of a user like you. Relive the tracks and episode themes as KeyGlyph compiles the jams and doles out awards for a few personal favorites. A second listen can make a big difference, so chime in with your own thoughts and superlatives as you tackle this fresh playthrough. Ready? Push button B to start your new quest!


Instant new favorite*: Pit-Fighter - Title Screen
Brewed new favorite**: Pilotwings - Hangglider

Most stuck in my head: Lightening Force - Stand Up Against Myself
Inspires the loudest sing-alongs: Mega Man 3 - Title Screen

* a new tune that became a favorite on the first listen
** a new tune that didn't stand out initially, but became a favorite the second time around

Track listing and original episode:


09 June 2014

Coming Soon: The LMH Mixtapes!

Legacy Music Hour user, KeyGlyph, has been kind enough to take on the duties of making the Legacy Music Hour Mixtapes.  She will be editing together music-only versions of every LMH episode (with a little bit of Brent/Rob banter at the top), posting them on the official LMH site, and including her own commentary and other notes.  Mixtape episodes will start appearing soon, so stay tuned.  And let's all give a big thank you KeyGlyph for taking on this arduous task!