24 October 2012

Episode 104: Best Of Year In Review 2

Brent and Rob countdown their TOP TEN favorite video game music tracks from Episodes 53 through 103, bringing The Legacy Music Hour into its third year.  The tracks selected could only be music that Brent and Rob became aware of within the last year (and that were played on the podcast).  Plus, Brent and Rob share other superlatives such as Composer Of The Year, Episode Of The Year, Company Of The Year, and Full Game Soundtrack Of The Year.  Partial track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Koji Kondo - Epilogue~Beautiful Hyrule - Nintendo - SNES - 1992


  1. AAAGGGHH! I got a shoutout! Im hoping for a Master System-related nickname!

  2. Episode paused: I hope Secret of Mana makes the top three. More of a sentimental pick though.

  3. Happy birthday Legacy Music Hour!

    A few thoughts as I listen (as usual)...

    1. Was I the first listener to have a nickname?

    2.About a year ago when I was pretty heavy into buying games, I had to make a choice between Flinstones 2: Surprise at Dino Peak, and Little Samson, both of which were about the same price. I chose Dino Peak because it's more rare. Unfortunately it's also not a very good game. I should have gone with Little Samson because I KNOW it's good. Both Taito though.
    The lesson is: If you only ever buy one valuable NES Taito game, buy Panic Restaurant.

    3. I'm a little surprised that the Konami Hyper Soccer tracks haven't appeared in this ep...yet. I don't just say that because I requested them, but because you both played one in that sports episode and agreed they were both serious jams.

    4. I agree with Brent. The two sports episodes were my favorites.

    waitwaitwaitwait. Predictions? Seriously? Out of the hundreds of tracks that you both said were your favorites? It's a good idea but it's impossible. I don't even know how to guess.

    5.My personal favorites. That's a rough one too. They're probably all from Konami games.

    here's to another year!

  4. Episode is paused at 1:22:13 I think I have a good set for Brent but I'm having a hard time coming up with any kind of list for Rob. Here's what I'm thinking.

    Brent 3. New Horizons - Land of Luxury 2. Alien Soldier - Oblivious Path 1. Treasure Hunter G - Emperor of Balladry

    Rob - 3. Haurai Gauken No Bauken - Ruin in the Jungle 2. Kidou Keisatsu Patlabor: 98-Shiki Kidou Seyo! - unknown 1. Verytex - Act 3

  5. The Last Bible III - Shark Ship should have been on this list. That track is awesome

  6. The tracks/soundtracks that jump out to me as being my best discovered thanks to you guys:

    Journey to Silius (soundtrack)

    Pit Fighter Theme (SMS)

    Legend of Kage (arcade)

    My favorite episode was probably #64 Ninja Games

    I always associated Sunsoft with crappy games - now I associate them with AMAZING VGM!

  7. I'd also like to say how surprised I was when Konami Hyper Soccer didn't make any of the top tens! That game has some of the best music I've ever heard!

  8. I could only do a top 5 because of the number of quality tracks played this year is insane:

    1. McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure - Stage 4: Magical Moon (Part 1) - Episode 83: Product Placement
    2. Alien Soldier - Runner/AD2025 - Episode 87: Kazuo Hanzawa
    3. Magical Chase - Stage 5 - Episode 68: Hitoshi Sakimoto
    4. The Hybrid Front - Moon/Mars~Sakurabe Fight BGM 3 - Episode 90: Free Play 9
    5. Galaxy Force II (arcade) - Defeat - Episode 79: Slap Bass

  9. Paused for guesses. I'm never good at track names, but I'll guess one game for each of you:

    Rob: Donkey Kong Country 2
    Brent: Alien Soldier

    I'm not even sure if these are from the past year - I'm still going through your backlog while also keeping up with new releases, so I can never keep straight which episode things are from.

  10. And P.S. Congrats on 2 years! I've discovered tons of good music from this podcast, a lot of which I have added or plan on adding to the Chiptune radio station that I help manage (http://rainwave.cc/). I have recently added Medarot, Freedom Force, Rackets and Rivals, and MiG-29 Soviet Fighter based on discovering them here. Keep up the good work! (and thanks for the shoutout!)

  11. So glad to hear Treasure Hunter G made the cut, as that was one of my top tracks of the year as well.

  12. Mike Haggar's prediction
    Top 3 for Brent: Alien Soldier (no 1), Gimmick! (No 2) and Earthbound (no 3)

  13. Listened through another year! My top three favorite one-liners from LMH's second series:

    From Brent:

    3. "You know what's cool about this track? It's pretty much just cool." (#68)
    2. "Well I pretty much am your wife, in a way." (#85)
    1. "I had a good sandwich down at that time in my life." (#66)

    From Rob:

    3. "I'm gonna name my kid David Wise Rob Hubbard." (#84)
    2. "I'd say you're at least a purple belt in funk." (#72)
    1. "Well, at least now we have a monetary value to the man dollar." (#57)

    Collaborative Honorable Mention:
    "Shinobi II: Revenge of Columns" (#74)

    Also, I may or may not have yelled too loudly in the car on the way to work today when I correctly guessed Brent's top pick. :) My Rob predictions were way less successful!

  14. Finally listened to this episode and came to the comments for the track listing...no track listing! This is the best of the Best ofs - I'll be revisiting the episode for the details on a few of them.

  15. Darn it! I thought I had noted all the outstanding tracks from the previous episodes, but this episode shows that I missed a lot of great tracks. I will need to relisten to all the previous episodes more carefully.

  16. My top two tracks that I didn't know about prior to listening to the podcast are the Benkei Gaiden track and Bloody Wolf Stage 5. Both tracks are just so funky and are perfect for funk style dances like poppin. -Greg