02 September 2015

Episode 168: Nintendo Power

This month, Brent and Rob picked two issues of Nintendo Power each, and chose music selections only from games featured in those issues.  They talk about top selling games, video game help hotlines, and other stuff relating to the early 1990s.  Thanks to user Julian (hoo-lee-ahn) for providing The Legacy Music Hour with his old issues of Nintendo Power.  Full track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - Paul Webb - Duel 2 - Sculptured Software/Virgin Interactive - NES - 1991

Little Samson - Kazuhide Sasuga, Yukimari - Golem’s Theme - Taito - NES - 1992

Navy Seals - Matthew Cannon - Ocean - Game Boy - 1991

Super Bowling - unknown - Practice Mode - KID/Technos - SNES - 1992

KickMaster - Yusuke Takahama - Final Boss Pt 1 - KID/Taito - NES - 1992

Gargoyle's Quest II: The Demon Darkness - Yuki Iwai (Yuki Satomura) - Dark Forest of Hidon - Capcom - NES - 1992

Wurm: Journey to the Center of the Earth - Dota Ando - Kissing Ziggy - Cyclone System/Asmik - NES - 1991

Casino Kid II - Kenji Eno - Ending - Sofel - NES - 1993

SimCity - Soyo Oka - Budget - Nintendo - SNES - 1993

Contra Force - Tomoya Tomita - Level 1 - Konami - NES - 1992

Super Mario World - Koji Kondo - Athletic - Nintendo - SNES - 1991

DinoCity - Hiroshi Kimura - The Cave of Soil - Irem - SNES - 1992

Smash T.V. - Jon Hey, Marshall Parker (arr.) - Stage Theme (Loop) - Beam Software/Acclaim - NES - 1991

Wings 2: Aces High - George Sanger - Flight Theme 1 - Malibu/Namco - SNES - 1992

Kirby's Dream Land - Jun Ishikawa - Float Islands - HAL Laboratory - Game Boy - 1992


  1. Hey dudes, it's Shoryukenny! I haven't posted in a while so I just wanted to say that I still listen to every episode and these are still great.

    If you guys wanted to switch to biweekly I wouldn't mind...

  2. Elite tunes as always, sirs. Super Bowling practice mode has been in my rotation for a while now and it never ceases to hit my sweet deep jam nerve.

  3. great show as ever fellas!

  4. Brent, didnt you say your issue had Soul Blazer in it?? some tracks on that soundtrack are HYPE AS HELL...maybe all the good ones were already played on old eps

  5. Oh man... That SimCity 'Budget' track was so so nice. I am a sucker for slow, sentimental tunes.

    I need to go to my local SNES back-alley/street dealer for this game.

    Favorite Rob quotes on this episode:
    'Hey kid, are you looking for some games? I know whats hot!'
    'Call meeeeeee....'

  6. This episode gets a 3.2 for play control but a 5.0 for theme and fun.

  7. Congrats to Caveman Games for breaking into the top 30 games! Awesome to hear the Super Bowling track. So much record scratching!

  8. Speaking of Nintendo Power and the 90's, the top picture looks like Rob is trapped in a video game. I wonder which game though?

  9. Excellent show as usual. I thought that the 7/4 Navy seal track was rocking! Great choice Rob!

  10. I love the callback to Rob F missing that trivia question mispronouncing Koji Kondo. That was pretty hilarious.

    Definitely do more Nintendo Power episodes. This was great!

  11. I might be mistaken, but the Gargoyle Quest 2 track sounded like it was in some weird time signature. Something like 3/4 with a bar of 4/4 thrown in occasionally.

    Lots of good stuff here, and the theme was fun! I tend to enjoy the themed episodes more than the free plays, but I totally understand that they can be more demanding.

  12. Panda Express itself is all about the Orange Chicken too. I remember ordering some with a friend because the servers so aggressively recommended it to us, and after we sat down in the food court we noticed that even our cups and napkins demanded, "DID YOU TRY THE ORANGE CHICKEN?!" There was no escaping it! (It was tasty, though.)

    Rob, what were you going to say about the InfoGenius? The suspense!

    And Brent, I have to respectfully disagree with you about skipping the first 52 episodes. I know you feel that things improved in year two when you guys started unearthing more obscure stuff, but it's not as if year one was sub-par. Plus, you guys built a huge foundation of recurring jokes and references back then, and getting those jokes even now in episode 168 (see: Koji Kendo) is part of what makes this podcast so much fun.

    Oh, and thanks for mentioning our show! We're powered by listener recommendations now, so LMH users, send us your suggestions!

    1. Second anti-skipping 52 episodes, or even saving them for much later after you get through all of them. My introduction to the show happened around Outer Space and Toys, but I was very spotty in keeping up with it. Then I just jumped around to topics I liked, which took me across the early and later episodes. Once I began listening from the beginning like a big boy, I realized there are some format thing that solidified (sponsor messaging/placement and intro/outros) but 90% of the show is what it is today - good tunes and Bad Dudes.

      And for anyone starting out, you must listen to Beyond 16-Bit 2 in your first sampling. That is my favorite, though it breaks from the show's focus. It embodies the spirit of the show.

  13. Brent, did you move? LMH Headquarters look different. Or is that another part of the annex?

  14. I stumbled upon your podcast last week when I was searching iTunes for any works by Junko Tamiya - one of my all-time favorite composers. From that playlist, I began browsing around your other episodes, and I've found it all a very nice mix of retro classics.

    Keep up the excellent work, guys!

  15. Really enjoying the podcast guys, listening in from Australia; following your reccomendation I'm going to start from the 50s and move forward

    1. Start with #56! Then after reaching the end, start with #1 until you get to #55.

  16. Nathan Daniels/UtopiaNemo here. I agree with Keyglyph. At most, one might want to listen to a few newer episodes to get a feel, then it's fine to jump right into #1. All fine stuff. And this is completely off-topic, but two of the most hilarious episodes are the Disney episode, where Brent tried to convince Rob that it would be funny to go to Vegas to see the Chippendales strip, and the episode where Brent told Rob about his trip to Texas and his run-in with the cockroach that wanted to use the internet. I laugh at this even now, and I've relayed that story to at least half a dozen people.

    At any rate, the show is as fantastic as ever. I felt this episode would have been just as good had you kept yourselves to one issue each; there was so much good music in those pages!

    I also think it would be great to do this same thing with an old episode of EGM. Like this episode, I bet it would get you to listen to music that may have fallen through the cracks due to obscurity.

  17. Ha ha as a Minnesotan I loved your pronunciations of Mankato. (It's Man-KAY-Toe)

  18. The section of Super Bowling-Practice that Brent liked sounds like a Kraftwerk type situation. Specifically it reminds me of the tracks Numbers and Home Computer. Casino Kid 2-Ending is jam.