03 August 2016

Episode 179: Technical Difficulties

Lots of technical difficulties on Episode 179, and a variety of them at that.  Rob constantly gets disconnected, there’s a power surge, audio delays, Rob’s microphone cord breaks, Brent says “um” way more than usual.  Just one tech issue after the next.  So please bear with this episode and the awkward moments these issues create.  On the bright side, however, Brent and Rob are joined by Dan Avidan, from the band Ninja Sex Party and one of hosts of the video game playthrough series, Game Grumps.  Rob also shares a dramatic story about an interaction he had with a user named Ted.  NOTE: Brent’s Museum of Tolerance joke was basically derived from an Arj Barker joke, just to make sure credit is properly given here.  Full track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Wizap!: Ankoku no Ou - Yoshiyuki Ito, Masumi Ito - Promise to Again - SAS Sakata/ASCII Entertainment - Super Famicom - 1994

Skeleton Krew - Nathan McCree - Stage 3: Sewer Duct - Core Design Ltd. - Genesis - 1995

Pachinko Tetsujin: Shichiban Shoubu - Shigenori Masuko, Yoko Kawashima (Yoko Suzuki), Maki Kirioka - Ending - Graphic Research/Daikoku - Super Famicom - 1995

Tecmo World Cup Soccer - Ryuichi Nitta - Game Theme - Tecmo - Famicom - 1990

Miyaji Shachou no Pachinko Fan: Shouri Sengen 2 - Masahito Miyamoto, Mikio Ohno, Mio.H - Ready For The Day - Planning Office Wada - Super Famicom - 1995

Putter Golf - E. Fugu - BGM 1 - Sega - Mega Drive Meganet - 1991

Pachiokun Puzzle Castle - Kenji Ikeda - Game Over - Marionette/Coconuts Japan - Game Boy (Japan) - 1994

Sansan - Kenji Iseki - Title Screen - White Box/Sansan - Mega Drive - 1994

Monster*Race - Kennosuke Suemura - After Underground - Koei - Game Boy (Japan) - 1998

Lord Monarch: Tokoton Sentou Densetsu - Masaki Tanimoto - Princess in Danger - Omiya Soft/Sega - Mega Drive - 1994

Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula-kun - Shinji Tasaka, Satoko Minami - Water Cha-Cha (Stage 3) - Konami - Famicom - 1991

Pro Striker Final Stage - Tomoyuki Hamada - Lose - NexTech/Sega - Mega Drive - 1995

Classic Road II: Real Kouma Simulation - Hayato Matsuo, Hitoshi Sakimoto (prog.) - Office Work - Opera House/Victor - Super Famicom - 1995

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  1. Makes my day when the new episodes come out. Over 2 years I have listened to the original episodes 1- 156 8 times through and the newer ones 4 times. About to start my 9th run through.

    1. Im on my second playthrough of the entire archive.

    2. Eventually you will begin to look forward to specific momens such as Brent talking to Rob about his experience in the Turkish Baths...or hearing about the composer Dick Boy!...the talking becomes as classic as the music

  2. Wizap LMH!!? Very funny episode and nice muzak as always.
    Please ask Arin again to make an appearance on your show!

  3. Ted the Truth AND Taylor the Truth?! Is there enough room in this town for the both of us?!

    1. On a side note, that Pachinko track was killer! Great Ep as usual guys - the technical difficulties added some comedy gold.

  4. Great episode, I think the technical difficulties actually enhanced it!

    Good playing against you Rob, I'll allow you to a rematch next time I'm in Portland. Also, thanks to this episode, I'm going to make my fiance call me by my new name, Ted the Truth!

  5. I feel like if the technical difficulties hadn't kicked in this would have been titled: "Episode 179: Power Moves!"

    Great episode boiz!

  6. What a fun, sexy time! Although the episode had its share of technical difficulties, you more than made up for it with rad tracks and a fun guest.

    Great balance of songs. And I say with a smile on my face that the Legacy Music Hour blew my car speakers out today. That Skeleton Krew track was amazing! I normally don't like experimental Western compositions on the Genesis, but this one really did feel like it came out of the Terminator soundtrack. It started out so quiet that with the road noise, I couldn't hear what was going on. So I turned it way up, and about three seconds later that MASSIVE low-frequency sine wave just decimated my speakers.

    I'm not too bent out of shape, because the speakers were cheap. But I can't wait to go home and play this. I've got two 18" subwoofers in my home theater that are going to get a workout tonight!

  7. Wizaaaaaaaaaaaaap!

  8. Gabe and Trev, I just want to reiterate that you guys are heroes and that your hard work is so appreciated. The technical difficulties this episode were just a reminder of all the behind-the-scenes efforts you expend that we users probably never know about and/or rarely stop to consider.

    Thanks for doing all you do to keep LMH going.

    We salute you.

  9. You just earned a new listener with this. I found this because I'm a fan of Game Grumps, and you guys played nothing on this episode but music I'd never heard, but I had a great time listening to it and hearing all this new music I'd never heard. I'm really excited to start from the beginning of the archives and work my way through all of this, and I can't wait to hear you guys talk about some of my favorite game soundtracks and songs along the way. I hate podcasts and I LOVE this, so you've really got something special here. Thanks for making this show and for paying such great respect to so much great music and its varied composers.

    1. Thanks and if you're a Game Grumps fan, make sure to check out the episode with both Dan and Arin: