04 October 2017

Episode 193: Best Of Year In Review 6

Time for another Legacy Music Hour year-end countdown!  Brent and Rob share their top ten tracks of the year (Episodes 181, and 183 through 192 -the closing track of 182 is possibly eligible as well).  In case you don't know the rules, tracks chosen must be pieces of video game music they became aware of only within the last year and that were played on the show.  Plus, aside from Gabe and Trevor being present, the gang is joined by the hosts of The VGM Jukebox podcast, Emily and Josh.  Emily also does the LMH Mixtapes and Josh often times contributes VGM Karaoke songs heard on The Legacy Music Hour.  Thank you to all the support from the users over the years!  Partial track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Dark Lord - Shogo Sakai, Yusuke Takahama, Masaaki Iwasaki (Koremasa), Seiji Momoi, Yuji Suzuki, Takafumi Miura - Quest Finished - Data East - Famicom - 1991


  1. my top 10!!
    1. Kingyo Chuuihou! Tobidase Game Gakuen - Art Game
    2. Super Uno - Title Screen
    3. Bubble Bobble Part 2 - BGM I (Rounds 1-19)
    4. Vixen 357 (Genesis) - Opening Demo
    5. Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Stage 5-2 (Evil Cave)
    6. Time Trax - Mission Briefing
    7. Tsuri Taro - Fishing for Rainbow Trout
    8. Xexex - Happy Daymare
    9. Metal Slader Glory - Drive
    10. Rolling Thunder 2 - Across the tube

    -thanks for another great year and keep up the good work!!

  2. Thanks for all the fun and amazing work this year! Here are my picks:

    1: Episode 186, 27:00
    Time Trax - Tim Follin - Title Screen/Credits - Malibu - Genesis - 1994 (unreleased)

    2: Episode 183, 43:30
    Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon - Aki Hata - Stage 5-2 (Evil Cave) - Angel Studios/Ma-Ba - Mega Drive - 1994

    3: Episode 185, 1:23:00
    Time Lord - David Wise - Title Screen - Milton Bradley/Rare - NES - 1989

    4: Episode 188, 19:00
    Nastar Warrior - Hisayoshi Ogura (......OGR.) - IV: The Big Swords (Ending) - Taito - arcade - 1988

    5: Episode 185, 1:18:00
    Dead Connection - Yoshiro Horie (Sousukun) - Stage 2, 4, 6 - Taito - arcade - 1992

    6: Episode 185, 51:45
    Mother - Keiichi Suzuki - Field 1 ~ Pollyanna (I Believe in You) - Nintendo - Famicom - 1989

    7: Episode 190, 8:00
    Jim Power: The Arcade Game - Chris Hülsbeck - Mutant Forest - Loriciels - Genesis - 1994 (unreleased)

    8: Episode 187, 49:00
    Kiss Shot - Naofumi Hataya (Hata), Hiroshi Kubota (Jimita) - Lose Theme - Sega - Mega Drive Meganet - 1991

    9: Episode 188, 25:00
    Buggy Run - unknown - Final Lap - Sims/Sega - Sega Master System (Europe) - 1994

    10: Episode 187, 59:30
    Pachi-Slot World Cup '94 - unknown - gameplay - I'Max - Game Boy (Japan) - 1994

    It's hard not to include these honorable mentions as well:

    Episode 188, 58:30
    Uchuu Race: Astro Go! Go! - Yusuke Takahama - Icebaby Planet - Kaze/Meldac - Super Famicom - 1994

    Episode 189, closing track
    Super Mahjong Taikai - Fiori Wakakuuwa - Theme of Ieyasu Tokugawa - Koei - Super Famicom - 1992

  3. I submit that every Best of Year in Review feature the whole LMH family. that Power League 5 track...wow. That should get honorable mention every year!

  4. Is that a Pokey the Penguin shirt?

    1. ...also, great job! Hearing you guys for these years has helped me better appreciate the fundamentals of music writing. Since there are usually only four channels it's easy to visualise only a few instruments being played at a time.
      Thanks for being a source of inspiration.

  5. Looking forward to another great year of jamz! I'm guessing the bassist for Herbie was playing a Steinberger.

  6. Keyglyph, thanks for your amazing and hard work with the mixtapes! Also, could you share your top ten? I'd love to see where mine matched up with yours as well as with the boizz. I was happy to hear you included Dead Connection, as it took my 5 spot.

    1. To echo Sentimental in San Gabriel, can we all get a mixtape of your top ten Keyglyph? Maybe even in the VGM Jukebox feed if that's at all appropriate? Thanks either way!

    2. Oh sure! Here's what was on my list.

      Top two (in no particular order):

      -- Jim Power: The Arcade Game - Mutant Forest
      -- Dead Connection - Stage 2, 4, 6

      The rest (also in no particular order):

      -- Time Lord - Title Screen
      -- Uchuu Race: Astro Go! Go! - Icebaby Planet
      -- Wai Wai World 2: SOS!! Paseri Jou - Mothership
      -- Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon S - Stage 4: Infinity Academy
      -- Traverse: Starlight & Prairie - Starlight
      -- King of Casino - Results
      -- Pro Mahjong Kiwame III - Normal Game 2
      -- Power League 5 - Main BGM 1

    3. Hey Keyglyph, thanks so much for making the mixtapes, it's really awesome to listen to my favourite songs with just the music after I hear them on the episodes. I really really appreciate your hard work. Also wanted to tell you that for this episode (yes I'm slowly listening to them all and it's taken me few years to get to this episode) I actually agree more with your top 10 for this year in review, even more than what Brent and Rob chose, however some of theirs were my favourites also.

  7. Brent mentioned the TerraCresta song reminded him of tears for fears. I thought it sounded exactly like Tin Tin https://youtu.be/5zoE2Hxs3WY

  8. As someone who erroneously corrected Rob F.'s use of "Stickerbush," I have taken keyglyph's update about "Stickerbush Symphony" to heart.

  9. My two favorite podcasts combined into one! Great episode!

    Nice top 10 lists. Animite's karaoke was so fly. I also enjoyed the light saber jedi battle between golf game expert Josh and VGM master Brent over the character and authorship of the Yumi Kinoshita sound (things got tense for a hot minute there!).

    Keep up the great work LMH and VGMJB. Love you both!

  10. Loved this episode! The super powers combined.

  11. You guy's are awesome! Thanks for another year of pure jams.