07 March 2018

Episode 198: Shirt Popping

Rob pops his shirt a lot during this episode, which is something you can’t hear, but should be aware of while listening to the music.  Perhaps the tracks are so hot, he had to pop his shirt to sort of fan his self down.  Brent talks a little bit about something that was initially discussed on Episode 9, way back in 2010, which finally comes to fruition in 2018, and also relates to a different sort of “shirt popping.”  A couple VGM Karaokes are heard on this episode as well, and Gabe and Trevor get to open a package from Keyglyph.  Also, it seems as though Excentric from American Idol makes something of an appearance during one of the tracks.  Full track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Moto Roader - Goblin Sound - Running From Home (Ending) - NCS - TurboGrafx-16 - 1989

Socket - Fumito Tamayama, Yoko Suzuki, Shigenori Masuko, Yasuyuki Hamada - Olein Cavern - Vic Tokai - Genesis - 1994

Combat Cars - John Carehag - Mountain Track - Scangames Norway/Accolade - Genesis - 1994

Leading Company - Yoshihisa Tomabechi, Chuck Loeb (improvised solo 1), Steve Slagle (improvised solo 2) - The Diver - Koei - Super Famicom - 1993

Benkei Gaiden - Masashi Kageyama - Ending - Sunsoft - PC Engine - 1989

J.League Soccer: Dream Eleven - M. Itoh - Tournament Bracket - SIMS - Game Gear (Japan) - 1995

Aoi Blink - Shinichi Sakamoto, Souichirou Harada - In-Game 2 - West One/Hudson Soft - PC Engine - 1990

Magic Sword - Manami Matsumae (M. Gotoh) - Impending Danger - Capcom - SNES - 1992

Langrisser II - Noriyuki Iwadare - The Evil Person - NCS - Mega Drive - 1994

The Great Battle IV - Norihiko Togashi - Water World Saus - Sun L/Banpresto - Super Famicom - 1994

Orius - Motoaki Furukawa (Carol Queen), Hidenori Maezawa (Michael Oldriver), Satoko Miyawaki (Rosetta Stone), Akiko Hashimoto (Shanghai Manmos) - Boost Up! (Boss BGM) - Konami - arcade - 1991


  1. Hi! St. John here!

    I'm gonna have to start figuring out a way to divvy up tracks between LMH and VGMjb. I totally want to send stuff Josh and Emily's way, because they have a fantastic show, and I love their input on tracks. In fact, I was so honored and blown away by what they had to say about the track in question that it actually caused me to "fan girl" a little bit! :-)

    But there were so many little tiny things I baked into this track deliberately, just for Brent and Rob that I had really hoped it'd have been featured on LMH.

    Oh well, now I know - and knowing is half the battle, right? :-)

    I have two track ideas that I plan to record. Rather than sending both tracks to both shows, I think I will just send one to each...and I think I know which one I will send which way. :-)

    That said, I definitely recommend you guys go hear that VGMjb episode - it was episode 99, if I'm not mistaken. It's a great episode throughout....

    ....but for the lazy, here's a direct link to the piece.


    I won't spoil the surprise here, but there's actually a fairly thinly veiled hidden message in the lyrics. Let's see who can spot it! Honor system here though, guys. If you've heard the VGMjb episode already, which comes out and spills the beans afterwards, then please don't spoil it for everyone else! :-)


  2. It brings me great pleasure to know that after all these years, I finally suggested a track that Brent liked a lot(I knew that Combat Cars was an F. Switch exxxclusive). I was doing some shirt popping myself, which was problematic since I was Using in an all-female office, while relocating power for a copier/printer. They started shouting "Chippendale!!", and I had to make a hasty retreat, escaping with nothing but my tiger-striped speedo[and (an average-sized part of) my dignity] intact.

    Great tracks, all. Love me some Kageyama, and loved that Water World Hot Saus. Those jazz solos were worthy of the great Definitely Daryl himself.

  3. Oh, and my gosh those Karaokes were awesome, both the Kunimoto one and from user Stephan(Stefan?). Did Kunimoto know you are the Western Godfather of VGMK? Did you send him any links to some of your contributions?

    And Steph(f)an, you made me a user Ste-FAN. That track was beautiful, and adding the echo/reverb was totally the right decision for that track. Send that to JT if you haven't already! jungletoads@yahoo.com Join the lounge!

    1. You will definitely be receiving this track in the not-too-distant future.

    2. Thanks for the VGM Karaoke Lounge promotion ND and Brent! Stefan, man, you rocked it. I definitely want this jam in the lounge. Hit me up!

  4. This is the first time I've ever written down the lyrics. The punctuation isn't set in stone. Thus far, it is indeed an LMH exclusive. Also, I have no idea whether moving to the right is the way to beat the level.

    I am a Smurf!
    It is a nightmare when I'm underwater,
    For sure.
    You would concur
    If you were blue and you were lacking in fur,
    Yes, sir.
    Who was the jerk
    That thought an underwater setting would work
    For Smurfs?
    Nobody's heard
    Of any Smurf that started learning to surf.
    Certainly absurd.

    Whoa, holy cow!
    It's looking like this well is bottomless now.
    Oh, how
    Can I expect to get out
    Other than sitting down and waiting for drought?
    I shout.
    Player, you have absolute control
    On my mind and body and my soul.
    I hope you get me to my goal:
    Out of this hole.

    Move to the right!
    I want these watery depths out of my sight
    I'd really like to see light,
    And not the type that people see when they die.
    Please try
    To remove me from this gloomy doom.
    I don't want this well to be my tomb.
    If you aren't one to get me through,
    Please tell me who!
    Feet flat on dry earth!
    Happy smurf
    Is the person I am.
    I hope that you understand this, man:
    You are a champion to me!
    How can this be?
    I am free from that place.
    I bet that your B's and A's could save
    Me from the dangers of outer space!
    La da da da...

    1. P.S. Thank you for playing it! I was proud of my work. And thanks to The VGM Jukebox for playing the other track first and making it necessary for LMH to switch to a backup.

    2. These lyrics are master class. Those interweaving rhymes are bananas! Thank you so much for posting the words here (and for submitting the track to The Lounge, where I am currently listening to it multiple times). More please!

    3. Thanks for the compliment! I wish I had seen this before meeting you at the ep. 200 recording. I kind of obsess over rhyme structure (which I imagine was evident in my VGM karaoke).

    4. That was awesome, Stefan! Great lyrics : ) Cheers!

  5. I don’t know why but the Combat Cars track reminds me of the theme from Unsolved Mysteries.

  6. Sorry, Rob, but this guy was the first shirt popper.

  7. Hey Brent, could you post where you got the music for Leading Compay from? I can't seem to find it anywhere! Great tune and want to hear more

    1. Here's where Brent got the music (track 1 and 2 are the same track):


      And here's where he got the track names and other info (aside from communicating with one of the musicians):


  8. A suggestion to Rob's comment at around 04:20: Rob, It'd be great if we can have a livestream of your set at Ground Kontrol! Maybe you can do a Facebook Live or Instagram Live video and we can all join in and listen to your mixes.

    Rob's got some smooth jams on this episode; Moto Roader and Benkei Gaiden tracks are great! Brent, really enjoyed the Leading Company track.

    This episode was goes very well with some fiery hot saus.

  9. Ah, guys, sorry we unintentionally scooped you on that karaoke! If it will mend any feelings, I can buy a copy of Time Lord...

    My guess is that "saus" is meant to be "south," but I like the sauce angle better.

    The Gabe, thank you for the intense restraint required to not broadcast my address to the entire internet.

    And Running from Home is such a personal favorite. Beautiful way to start things off.

  10. Can someone explain to me a way to get these tracks downloaded to my iphone so I can just listen to the tracks I like that I discover on this podcast?

    1. Until there's a better app, I recommend SNESMusic (free, but pay to unlock certain features). It's not the greatest app, but it has a good amount of games from the 8 and 16 bit era plus a bit more like Playstation. I've been using it to make my own playlists and discover new tracks on the go. (Link here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/snesmusic/id363451148?mt=8)

    2. I think Modizer is the best iPhone VGM app currently....way better than SNESMusic, anyway. Cons: it’s about $5, the playlist feature is buggy, and every once in a while you’ll find an OST that will contain a song that causes the app to crash.

      Pros: you can grab just about every OST available for no cost, the app takes you to all the main places to get music(VGMrips, Project2612, etc), and easily d/l them to your phone, sound quality is awesome, file size is negligible, the now playing window is intuitive, etc.

    3. TThanks a lot guys, I will try this out <3

  11. Hey Mr.Brent, I was just listening to the show on my drive back home from my brother's place; and I think I figured something out. There was a riff that you said you knew from somewhere during that Langrisser II track. I think that riff you're thinking of is from Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel. Oh also is Trevor's apartment a... Studio Apartment (pause for laughter).

    Anyways great show as always, have a good night