01 April 2020

Episode 223: Quarantined

Brent, Rob, and Gabe record Episode 223 all from their own places of isolation in order to stay safe during the pandemic.  Yet even with the unusual set up, the episode results in being pretty much a standard show.  Bonus content at www.patreon.com/legacymusichour.  Full track listing below.

Game - Composer - Track - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Umi Tsuri Meijin: Suzuki Hen - Hikoshi Hashimoto - Staff Roll - A-Wave/Electronic Arts Victor - Super Famicom - 1994

Dragon Saber - Shinji Hosoe - Ice Cave (Stage 6) - Namco - arcade - 1990

Doraemon 4: Nobita to Toki no Okoku - Shouji Tomii, Minoru Endou, Makoto Igarashi, Akira Outaka - In the Future - Agenda/Epoch - Super Famicom - 1995

Growl - Yasuhisa Watanabe - Fazz Top - Taito - arcade - 1990

Tsurupika Hagemaru: Mezase! Tsuruseko no Akashi - Yasuyuki Suzuki - Prologue/Intro - Jaleco - Famicom - 1991

Gun-Nac - Toshiaki Sakoda (Golfer Sakoda) - Area 2 - Compile/ASCII Entertainment - NES - 1991

Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf - Aran Lee Shige - U.S.A. Course - SNK - NES - 1988

Little Magic - Masaaki Iwasaki(Koremasa), Shogo Sakai (Shougo), Seiichi Hamada (Atomic Hanada), Takafumi Miura (Takafumi), Yusuke Takahama (Yuusuke), Seiji Yamanaka (Z!) - Enemy Turn - Data East - Famicom - 1990

Alien Soldier - Norio Hanzawa - Silent - Treasure - Mega Drive - 1995

Dead Moon - Mamoru Ishimoda, Youko Sonoda - Lake (Scene 5) - Zap/Turbo Technologies - TurboGrafx-16 - 1992

Bandai Golf: Challenge Pebble Beach - unknown - Title Screen/Menu - TOSE/Bandai - NES - 1989

Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf - Aran Lee Shige - Title Screen - SNK - NES - 1988


  1. Great to have an episode during these times. Hope you all and your loved ones are all safe.


  2. Oh man, that Alien Soldier bit was just too perfect to hear this morning, what with the date and all. Hope everyone (LMH boizz and users alike) are keeping safe in these isolation times!


    1. 100% agree about the Alien Soldier bit. The best part was that it wasn't planned so the Boizz were just adlibbing.

  3. Sorry if this is a running joke, haven't been listening long, but for this episode and the last episode Brent played six songs to Rob's five.

    1. Brent usually picks the closing track for every episode.

  4. Hope everyone is finding time to play the new Streets of Rage. Would have posted this to an official Legacy Music Hour twitter page but there isn't one. Maybe something to think about as it's definitely the best way to encourage more recognition for the podcast

  5. Thought you boizz and the users might enjoy this curiosity I've just come across - a skateboarding video from 1989 that briefly features the Moon Theme from DuckTales as the soundtrack! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzHTAxVe1YU&feature=youtu.be&t=1140

  6. Releases from you guys always cheer me up!
    I have a cool song suggestion for you to listen to that I find really intriguing. It's from 'Star Destroyer Bosconian' for the X68K.
    The sound processor on the X68K had some hybrid megadrive bass instruments, paired with robust SNES-like synths. I think this composition displays that marriage of sounds quite harmoniously.
    Stay healthy!