18 November 2020

LMH Mixtape #121: Free Play 12

Here comes a free play so easy-breezy you'll swear you can feel the ocean winds, cherry blossoms, and/or neon lights in your hair.  Highly recommended for maskless, windows-down driving on open highways near you or while getting teary-eyed over that legendarily magical Capcom composer photograph, which was mentioned in this mixtape's original episode.


Instant new favorite: Thrash Rally - Round 3: Acropolis (Greece)
Other instant new favorite: Zan: Yasha Enbukyoku - gameplay
Brewed new favorite: Mamono Hunter Youko: Dai 7 no Keishou - Scene 2: Volcano
Other brewed new favorite: Yu Yu Hakusho Gaiden - Defeat

Gets me a little emotional: Captain Tsubasa IV: Pro no Rival Tachi - Champions!
Track listing and original episode:

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  1. Don't worry users! Shinobi just programmed a kindergarten diploma into the retro game he programmed to keep the LEGACY ALIVE.