21 July 2021

LMH Mixtape #128: Launch Games

For Episode 128, the boizz followed a suggestion from user Ryan and took a sampling of the tunes from games that launched the same year their console debuted.  Not only was this a fascinating snapshot of how the composers handled each piece of new hardware, but along the way, Rob F. Switch also coined that very particular pronunciation of "boy" that we can no longer live without.

Instant new favorite: Bikkuriman World - Round 1
Other instant new favorite: Super Mario Land - Ending
Other other instant new favorite: Soukoban - gameplay
Brewed new favorite: Shanghai - Round 3
Other brewed new favorite: Victory Run: Eikou no 13,000KM - Race Music 3

That Master System Sadness™: Great Soccer - Main Game
Track listing and original episode:

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