16 March 2022

LMH Mixtape #136: 1998

Wait, wasn't 1998 like, ten years ago?  As time keeps marching on, take a moment to listen to this mixtape and reflect on the good things you had going on at the turn of the century.  KeyGlyph was in seventh grade and had just been introduced to Pok√©mon, a three-dimensional Hyrule, and Cher's roboticized vocals in the pop hit "Believe."  Key and friends were also feverishly anticipating the North American release of the Sega Dreamcast, which they believed was going to change the world.

Now it's your turn:  What were you doing in 1998?


Instant new favorite: Gyogun Tanchiki: Pocket Sonar - gameplay
Other instant new favorite: International Superstar Soccer - Title Screen

Brewed new favorite: Harvest Moon GB - Party
Other brewed new favorite: Mini Yonku GB: Let's & Go!! All-Star Battle Max - New York Map
Other other brewed new favorite: Nectaris GB - Opening
Track listing and original episode:

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