21 September 2022

LMH Mixtape #146: Gambling Games

While the topic may be Gambling Games, if you're looking for great music, this is a sure thing.  In this episode the boizz dig into another often overlooked genre of games to share some truly amazing tracks.  Between pachinko games, casino games, card games, and more, there's a wealth of material to enjoy.  So pull up a seat and we'll deal you in.  You're guaranteed to walk away a winner.

New favorite: AV Poker: World Gambler - gameplay
Other new favorite: Pachinko Kuunyan - gameplay
Favorite track to play while "Talkin' 'Bout the Bad Boys": King of Casino - gameplay

Somebody please expand these lyrics: King of Casino - gameplay*

*Brent freestyles some partial lyrics at 00:39:23 in the original episode
Track listing and original episode:

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