19 July 2023

LMH Mixtape #179: Technical Difficulties

All the way back at Mixtape #48 (Keith Apicary and Nathan Barnatt), KeyGlyph asked if you remember your first LMH episode, as that episode was KeyGlyph’s first.  For me (TheManaTree), Episode 179 was it.  LMH and the Game Grumps did some crossover appearances, and Dan Avidan from the Game Grumps was a guest on this particular episode.  Even though they had some technical difficulties, the music was still top notch, as you'll see with this mixtape.


Most singable track:  Pachiokun Puzzle Castle - Game Over
Beautifully orchestrated:  Classic Road II: Real Kouma Simulation - Office Work
Brings in the funk:  Putter Golf - BGM 1

Track listing and original episode:

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