27 September 2023

LMH Mixtape #187: Rob's World

Rob was back in action, leg mended and ready to jam out.  In fact, you can jam out right now to this fresh mixtape!  Lose Theme from Kiss Shot is an incredibly smooth, bluesy jam that may not be able to mend a broken leg, but it could likely help mend a broken heart.  Happy Daymare from Orius (Xexex in Japan) is a fully pumped track that will definitely get you fired up.  Speaking of fired up, the full episode also features one of Rob's beloved rants about the humiliation of Sonic the Hedgehog wearing Link’s "mini-dress.”  There was also a head-to-head VGM Karaoke face-off, so after you listen to this mixtape, perhaps go back and give the full episode a re-listen.


If this is losing, I don't want to win: Kiss Shot - Lose Theme
Don't wake me from this Happy Daymare: Orius - Happy Daymare (Stage 6a)
Most singable: Pachi-Slot World Cup '94 - gameplay

Track listing and original episode:

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