21 February 2024

LMH Mixtape #203: Tim Follin

Iconic video game composer Tim Follin has a distinct style that fans can recognize instantly.  As a western composer, Tim brought his prog rock influences to create some incredibly beloved soundtracks, including Solstice and Pictionary, just to name a couple.  One distinct trait you'll notice is the use of arpeggios, which can be heard on many of his tracks, including High Score from Magic Johnson's Fast Break and Stage 2 from Sky Shark.  Also, if you haven't listened to the full episode, the boizz got to conduct an interview with the man himself, getting clarification and answers to some of their long-standing questions.  But for now, hit play on this mixtape and prepare for a hypnotizing journey through the music of Tim Follin.


Instant favorite: Magic Johnson's Fast Break - High Score
Another favorite: Pictionary - Mini-Game 2
Super funky jam: Time Trax - Stages 4, 6

Track listing and original episode:

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