21 March 2024

LMH Mixtape #206: Halloween (Live)

For Episode 206, the boizz recorded at the Bit Bar in Salem, Massachusetts, presenting in front a live audience of LMH users.  A very on-theme track for this Halloween episode is "Werewolf Form" from the game Werewolf: The Last Warrior.  Can you spot the really cool feature in that track that Brent describes as "elevators"?

Stage Theme 4 from Super Glove Ball is a classic David Wise track with an excellent break down part, and of course it also features David's signature style use of the noise channel to simulate rock drums.  While not all of these tracks are monster themed, they are all fantastic, so prepare yourself for a totally wicked ("radical dude") mixtape.


Instant Favorite: Werewolf: The Last Warrior - Werewolf Form
Another Favorite: The Lawnmower Man - The Shop Building
All Aboard the Bonk Jams express! Next Stop: Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends - The Jigsaw Puzzle

Track listing and original episode:

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