24 April 2024

LMH Mixtape #210: Beyond 16-Bit 4

It's time once again to explore outside the world of third and fourth generation video game music to a land beyond 16-bit.  You might think that some of these tracks were actually from the third or fourth generation, with how well some modern composers have been able to re-create that style.  A prime example of that would be the fantastic Shovel Knight soundtrack by Jake Kaufman.  Other composers like Toby Fox blend vintage and modern styles to create a "best of both worlds" sound.  Of course a Beyond 16-Bit episode wouldn't be complete without some great CD era tracks like Rusty Ruin Zone Act 1 from Sonic 3D Blast which sounds like it would fit right in on a new age album by groups like Enigma or Delerium.  This mixtape clocks in at a little over an hour in length, so there's a lot to explore in this land beyond... time?


Instant Favorite ("We're saving our own lives"): Pilotwings Resort - Glider
Another Instant Favorite: Sonic 3D Blast - Rusty Ruin Zone Act 1
Beautifully hypnotizing: Celeste - First Steps
Too many favorites to choose from: The Messenger - Into The Depths (Catacombs) (Past)

Track listing and original episode:

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