10 July 2024

LMH Mixtape #218: Puzzle Games 3

Episode 218 was the third focus on Puzzle Games, and features some real bangers.  "Warrior's Relaxation" from Shi Kin Jou is a totally 80's track reminiscent of groups like Erasure.  "Sticker" from Puyo Puyo is a super fun piece that you can't help but sing along to VGM Karaoke style.  In fact, in the full episode, Keyglyph, who is no stranger to VGM Karaoke, joined the boizz live in the studio bringing gifts and good conversation.  So be sure to check that full episode out if you haven't already.


Instant Favorite: Puyo Puyo - Sticker
This track has got it going on and it's got that swing!: Soldam - VS Mode
80's to the max: Shi Kin Jou - Warrior's Relaxation

Track listing and original episode:

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