02 November 2011

Bonus: Brent Weinbach VGM Dance Mix Vol. 1

The Legacy Music Hour presents Brent Weinbach's first installment of continuous dance party music comprised of only 8-bit and 16-bit era video game music.  No remixes, no covers, no adaptations of non-video game music -just pure, original, dancy music from the Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis!


  1. The beat... I felt it and it was juicy.

  2. Both sets were a great listen. Thanks guys!

  3. WHY NO TRACK LIST!!!!! I mean yes, most tracks are easy to know, but there is two i cannot figure out.

    1. Sorry this reply is ridiculously late, but you can find the track list for this dance mix here:


      The setlists for these did all eventually get posted, but just way after the original release. If you need one, you can do a quick search in the Blogger toolbar up top for "dance mix" and they all pop up.