22 October 2014

LMH Mixtape #10: Free Play

With all the tracks the boizz were sifting through on a regular basis, it came as no surprise that they'd been building up a considerable list of B-sides that had never quite fit into any regular episodes. The solution to getting these tunes some airtime? Setting the podcast to free play: no selective focus, no restrictive theme -- just choice jams, period.


Instant new favorite:  Bad Dudes - Stage 2 and 5
Other instant new favorite:  Gradius III - Cosmo Plant
Brewed new favorite:  Magical Pop'n - Mountain Temple
Other brewed new favorite:  Metal Gear - Return of Fox Hounder (Ending)

Best texture:  Bad Dudes - Stage 2 and 5
Needs to be performed by an orchestra:  Contra III - Neo Kobe Steel Factory

Megazord Award:  Lightening Force - Lightning Strikes Again

Track listing and original episode:


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