24 December 2014

LMH Mixtape #14: Sports

Brent and Rob consider their sports focuses to be among the podcast's most underrated episodes -- but who doesn't love a chance to root for the underdog?  Whether it's for football, volleyball, skateboarding, or slalom, settle into the bleachers for this one and see if you become a bigger fan of the music the second time around.


Instant new favorite:  Coach K College Basketball - Title Theme
Other instant new favorite:  Skate or Die! - Intro
Brewed new favorite:  John Madden Football - Title Theme
Other brewed new favorite:  Shigesato Itoi's No. 1 Bass Fishing - Rest House

Somebody please expand these lyrics*:  Title Screen - NBA Jam

*Brent's freestyling begins at the 00:30:30 mark of the original episode.  Finish it up!

Track listing and original episode:



  1. I haven't been able to find some of these tracks on the normal sites (zophars domain, project 2612, etc.) Am I just missing them?

    1. You're not overlooking them! A few of these tracks had to be pulled from YouTube because, as you discovered, they're missing from the usual places. They were:

      -- Lakers versus Celtics - Title Screen
      -- NHL Hockey - Opening Theme
      -- FIFA Internation Soccer - BGM 3

      I couldn't tell you for sure why so many sports games came up missing, but the common thread among these particular three is that they're all EA titles. That said, plenty of other EA sports game soundtracks exist on Zophar's and were drawn upon for this mixtape... so who knows!

  2. Thanks for the response, and the mix tapes! They are awesome additions to the podcast and very much appreciated. Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta-ta touchdown, touchdown!!!!

    1. Hi again! I'm back just to point out that Jeff van Dyck has a ton of mp3s of his compositions available for download on his website, some of which aren't available or easily located elsewhere: http://jeffvandyck.com/

      It's also fun to poke around there and see what he's up to these days. I'd actually seen the trailer for Assault Android Cactus some time ago and thought to myself, "Hey, I dig this music." What do I find when I visit Mr. van Dyck's website? That it's no surprise I liked the tune -- he was the composer!

      And the stuttering touchdown is clearly the best segment of that track.

  3. "Whats next Venus?" <<< hahaha another great show guys ~ PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW .. that you are the men (thats you are the man plural)