18 September 2019

LMH Mixtape #100: Free Play 10

As the mixtapes finally reach their centennial, let's pause for a moment to wax nostalgic over the Legacy Music Hour's legacy and what it's meant to the listeners.  For many of us, LMH was the first VGM podcast to hit out eardrums; over time we became so attached to Brent and Rob's weekly banter that the announcement of their "final episode" in 2013 caused a mild panic.  Scads of Users were inspired to fill the void with their own creative projects, trying to keep the LMH spirit alive with tribute blogs, multiple offshoot podcasts, and even these mixtapes themselves.  When the show triumphantly returned to the air in 2014, it was in no small part due to the help of two more Users, Gabe and Trevor, who have been an indispensable part of the team ever since.

So, as you reminisce about all these things and more over tracks from the Legacy Music Hour’s first ever live recording, think of the extraordinary dedication of the boizz -- and the incredible community that sprung up around them -- that has kept this podcast running for nearly a decade.  Boizz, Staff, and Users... we salute you.


Instant new favorite:  Kingyo Chuuihou! Tobidase! Game Gakuen - Bomb Game
Other instant new favorite:  Stealth - Weapon Select
Other other instant new favorite:  Magical Chase - Termination (Final Boss)

Big mood:  Wedding Peach - We Did It!

Track listing and original episode: