26 July 2023

LMH Mixtape #180: Rise

The robots are rising up!  The only way to fight back is with a killer mixtape, and The Legacy Music Hour has your back.  Check out the awesome stereo effects of Quarth, the cool sliding bass on Gradius II and the beautiful strings on Daibakushou: Jinsei Gekijou, just to name a few moments.  Afterwards, the robots will have no choice but to peacefully pack up and go home.  Goodbye robots!


Instant favorite:  Gradius II - Tabidachi (Air Battle/Dogfight)
Another favorite:  Daibakushou: Jinsei Gekijou - Ending and Staff Roll
A shop I want to visit:  Drift King Shutokou Battle '94 - Shop

Track listing and original episode:

19 July 2023

LMH Mixtape #179: Technical Difficulties

All the way back at Mixtape #48 (Keith Apicary and Nathan Barnatt), KeyGlyph asked if you remember your first LMH episode, as that episode was KeyGlyph’s first.  For me (TheManaTree), Episode 179 was it.  LMH and the Game Grumps did some crossover appearances, and Dan Avidan from the Game Grumps was a guest on this particular episode.  Even though they had some technical difficulties, the music was still top notch, as you'll see with this mixtape.


Most singable track:  Pachiokun Puzzle Castle - Game Over
Beautifully orchestrated:  Classic Road II: Real Kouma Simulation - Office Work
Brings in the funk:  Putter Golf - BGM 1

Track listing and original episode:

12 July 2023

LMH Mixtape #178: Free Play 30

For this episode, Rob based his picks on all the "soccer (football) action" going on at the time.  Brent went with the traditional free play style.  Either way you get a lot of fantastic tunes, maybe even some possible top ten material.


Instant favorite: Racing Hero - BGM 1
Great melody: Akagawa Jirou no Yuurei Ressha - Yuuko, the Schoolgirl
This one is just straight up fun: The Blue Marlin - Ending

Track listing and original episode:

05 July 2023

Episode 262: Briefs

Back when the original Queer Eye For The Straight Guy was touring all over the country, Rob got selected to be made-over by Carson Kressley.  Rob talks all about it on Episode 262.  The subject of underwear also comes up.  Full track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Tintin in Tibet - Fabrice Bouillon-LaForest, Emmanuel RĂ©gis - Lama Monastery - Infogrames - Mega Drive (Europe) - 1995

Falsion - Shinya Sakamoto, Shigehiro Takenouchi, Atsushi Fujio - The Final Space Fight (Stage 6) - Konami - Famicom Disk System - 1987

Kid Chameleon - Mark Miller - Options Theme ~ City Area - Sega - Genesis - 1992

Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair - Shinichi Sakamoto - Round 4 (Deserted Village) and Round 7 (A Town in the Valley) (“Somewhere there anywhere”) - Aicom/Sega - Mega Drive - 1990

MegaMind - Tadahiko Inoue (XOR) - BGM 3 - Sega - Mega Drive Meganet - 1991

Meikyuu Jiin Dababa - Shinya Sakamoto (Rusher), Satoe Terashima (Satoe), Kiyohiro Sada (Charley) - Area 2 - Konami - Famicom Disk System - 1987

Zombie Nation - Norio Nakagata, Takane Ohkubo - Exodus - Kaze/Meldac - NES - 1991

Super Mahjong 2: Honkaku 4 Nin Uchi! - Masakatsu Maekawa - Great!! First Rank! - I'Max/Now Production - Super Famicom - 1993

Lightening Force: Quest for the Darkstar - Toshiharu Yamanishi - Omake 1 - Technosoft - Genesis - 1992

Dark Law: Meaning of Death - Satoshi Nagano, Michihico Shichi - Scenario Clear - SAS Sakata/ASCII - Super Famicom - 1997

Darxide - Adam Salkeld, Richard Jacques - Credits - Frontier Developments/Sega - Sega 32X - 1995

Nobunaga no Yabou: Haouden - Yoko Kanno - Tokugawa’s Theme - Koei - Super Famicom - 1993

Cosmic Carnage - Hikoshi Hashimoto - Tyr's Stage - Givro - Sega 32X - 1994