27 September 2023

LMH Mixtape #187: Rob's World

Rob was back in action, leg mended and ready to jam out.  In fact, you can jam out right now to this fresh mixtape!  Lose Theme from Kiss Shot is an incredibly smooth, bluesy jam that may not be able to mend a broken leg, but it could likely help mend a broken heart.  Happy Daymare from Orius (Xexex in Japan) is a fully pumped track that will definitely get you fired up.  Speaking of fired up, the full episode also features one of Rob's beloved rants about the humiliation of Sonic the Hedgehog wearing Link’s "mini-dress.”  There was also a head-to-head VGM Karaoke face-off, so after you listen to this mixtape, perhaps go back and give the full episode a re-listen.


If this is losing, I don't want to win: Kiss Shot - Lose Theme
Don't wake me from this Happy Daymare: Orius - Happy Daymare (Stage 6a)
Most singable: Pachi-Slot World Cup '94 - gameplay

Track listing and original episode:

20 September 2023

LMH Mixtape #186: Spencer Crittenden

Rob was still out while his leg mended, but special guest and LMH user Spencer Crittenden was there to share in the VGM appreciation.  There was a lot to appreciate too, because this mix is filled with some totally Bonk tunes!  Check out the track from Mother that features that iconic Hirokazu Tanaka style and speaking of iconic styles, there's also a Tim Follin jam from Time Trax that features some really cool pitch bending on the Genesis.


Instant favorite:  Super Uno - Title Screen
Most relaxing:  The Blue Marlin - Cape Canaveral 
About to blast-off:  Super Real Darwin - Gashalva

Track listing and original episode:

13 September 2023

LMH Mixtape #185: DJ Douggpound

Rob was unfortunately out due to a broken leg, but special guest Doug Lussenhop aka DJ Douggpound helped fill in.  Rob was there in spirit though, with a request for a classic Skitchin' track.  Additionally, Doug was given a crash course on 3rd and 4th generation video game music including the Beatles-inspired pop music of Mother, the tropical flavor of Soreyuke Ebisumaru Karakuri, and a killer track from the one and only Time Lord.  As Doug would say, put your drums on this mix!


Instant favorite: Multi Play Volleyball - Training
Top of the Pops: Mother - Field 1 ~ Pollyanna (I Believe in You) 
All Hail the Time Lord: Time Lord - Title Screen

Track listing and original episode:

06 September 2023

Episode 264: Hackers

Not really sure why this episode is called "Hackers."  Maybe the boizz talk about hacking at one point, but they definitely talk about other stuff.  Full track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Ranger X - Yoshinobu Hiraiwa - Stage 1-1 (Desert) - Sega - Genesis - 1993

Don Doko Don 2 - Iku Mizutani - Ending 2 (The End) - Natsume/Taito - Famicom - 1992

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - Paul Webb - Title Screen/Game Ending - Sculptured Software/Virgin Interactive - NES - 1991

Socket - Fumito Tamayama, Yoko Suzuki, Shigenori Masuko, Yasuyuki Hamada - Emerald Forest - Vic Tokai - Genesis - 1994

Metal Fangs - Hiroshi Kawaguchi (H. M) - Unknown (Sound Code 89) - Victor Entertainment Software - Mega Drive - 1993

Natsume Championship Wrestling - Hiroyuki Iwatsuki, Iku Mizutani, Kinuyo Yamashita - Players Select - Natsume - SNES - 1994

Widget - Shinji Tachikawa - Stage 2: Bizzarre Brain - Graphic Research/Atlus - NES - 1992

Neugier: Umi to Kaze no Koudou - Yukihiro Takahashi - Cave - Wolf Team/Nippon Telenet - Super Famicom - 1993

Redline: F-1 Racer - Katsuhiro Hayashi - Staff Roll - Genki/Absolute Entertainment - SNES - 1993

Monster World IV - Jin Watanabe - Heart of Icegrave (Ice Pyramid) - West One/Sega - Mega Drive - 1994

Madou Monogatari I - Tsuyoshi Matsushima, Polygon Junkie - Ending (Part 1 Escape, Part 4 Staff Roll) - Compile - Mega Drive - 1996

Gokinjo Boukentai - Akihiko Mori - Aquarium - ITL/Pioneer LDC - Super Famicom - 1996

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Minako Hamano - First Search (Sword Search) - Nintendo - Game Boy - 1993