07 June 2023

Episode 261: The Old West 2

What in tarnation!  It's been over ten years since Boss Brent and Switch the Kid did an episode on Old West themed games and stages.  That's over two hundred tootin' episodes ago!  This time, joined by Grand Gunnin' Gabe, the posse delves right back into some tunes fit for a sonic jamboree.  Full track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Gunple: Gunman’s Proof - unknown - Scenario 4 - Lenar/ASCII Entertainment - Super Famicom - 1997

Lethal Enforcers II: GunFighters - Tsuyoshi Sekito, Yuichi Sakakura - Opening - Konami - Genesis - 1994

Whomp ‘Em - Tsukasa Tawada (Adios Amigo) - Water Test - Jaleco - NES - 1991

Big Challenge! Gun Fighter - unknown - Stage 6 (Mountain Area) - Jaleco - Famicom Disk System - 1989

Demon's World - Toshiaki Tomizawa - Western America - Toaplan/Catalina Games - arcade - 1990

Sunset Riders - Motoaki Furukawa, Masahiro Ikariko (arr.), Hideto Inoue (arr.) - Face With Courage (Town Stage 2, Forest Stage 1) - Konami - Genesis - 1993

The Lone Ranger - Yoshinori Sasaki (Moai Sasaki), Kenichi Matsubara, Kozo Nakamura (La Nakamur), Tomoya Tomita (Gorgeous Tomita), Kenji Fukui, Satoko Minami - Outlaw Encounter - Konami - NES - 1991

Law of the West - Ed Bogas - Talk in the Old West - TOSE/Pony Canyon - Famicom - 1987

Lethal Enforcers II: GunFighters - Tsuyoshi Sekito, Yuichi Sakakura - Hideout (Stage 5-2) - Konami - Genesis - 1994

Wanted - Ootorii - Tombstone & Nugget Town - Sanritsu/Sega - 1989

Live A Live - Yoko Shimomura - Wanderer - Square - Super Famicom - 1994

An American Tail: Fievel Goes West - Takeshi Sato Takashi Tsumaki Munetaka Sakamoto - Ending ~ Staff Roll - Shimada Kikaku/Hudson - SNES - 1994

Cowboy Kid - Masaharu Iwata - Stages 4 and 7: Coyote Jim/Scorpion Master - Pixel/Romstar - NES - 1992

31 May 2023

LMH Mixtape #174: Free Play 26

Free Play 26 brings all the jams you know and love, but can you figure out how the track titles relate to haircuts?  I guess you'll just have to listen to the full episode to find out!


It's Konami, so you know it's good: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project - Scene 2
Once again, Konami brings it: Super C - Stage 1: Lightning and Grenades
Are you feeling lucky?: Lucky Luke - Unused (?)

Track listing and original episode:

24 May 2023

LMH Mixtape #173: Free Play 25

Morning, afternoon, evening, or night: it's always a good time for a free play mix tape.  User Slick Vic posed the question, who would you put on a Mount Rushmore style monument to VGM composers?  Check out the full episode to see who the boizz would pick.


An instant favorite: Aerobiz - Europe
A fun favorite: Itadaki Street: Watashi no Oten ni Yottette - Laughing Point (Doing Business)
A classic favorite: Dragon Warrior II - Travelling with Friends

Track listing and original episode:

17 May 2023

LMH Mixtape #172: Free Play 24

You know the drill at this point.  Free play = a fun variety of VGM tracks.  In the full episode, Brent was sick, but toughed it out, because the show must go on.  Additionally, Brent's brothers, Max and Nicky, joined as guests while visiting for the holidays.


NEO favorite: Breakers - Sho
A Champion track: GP-1 - Champion
A Grand track: F-1 Grand Prix Part III - Story Mode

Track listing and original episode:

10 May 2023

LMH Mixtape #171: Free Play 23

A quality mix of VGM tracks.  The full episode is also a ”must listen" if you haven't heard it.  You get 8-bit drum rolls, surgeries, and phone calls from Santa Claus.  Has Santa left Palmdale yet, or is he still chasing kids with a camera?  Last but not least, for the holiday season, you also get the gift of the VGM Karaoke Showcase!


Norio Hanzawa is a Treasure: Gunstar Heroes - The End of the Battle (To Out World)
Hard to believe this is NES: Silver Surfer - Hi Score
Best use of a sound effect in music: Alien Storm - Ulcer

Track listing and original episode: