28 December 2023

LMH Mixtape #197: Friends

Although Rob was was unable to make it to this Free Play episode, Brent and the rest of the crew were joined by Brent's friends Andrew Michaan and Mike Fischer.  This mixtape has a nice variety of tracks including the pumped up "Volcano (Stage 2)" from the arcade version of Dragon Saber.  While listening, you can practically feel the heat as you soar over lava and volcanos.  You've also got the quirky playfulness of "Satellite" from Wagyan Paradise (a Japan exclusive Super Famicom Game).  Those, and much more in this mixtape.  So, sit back and enjoy some great VGM with your fellow LMH friends.


Instant favorite: Dragon Saber - Volcano (Stage 2)
Another favorite: Touge Densetsu: Saisoku Battle - Name Entry/Options
Most fun: Wagyan Paradise - Satellite

Track listing and original episode:

20 December 2023

LMH Mixtape #196: Beyond 16-Bit 3

On rare occasions, the boizz venture beyond the realm of the 3rd and 4th generation of video game music.  This is one of those occasions.  Regardless of what generation they came from, this mixtape is loaded with killer tracks like “Foulwater Falls" from Wario Land: Shake It! which is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.


Blatant favoritism award: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - Lost Painting
Another personal favorite: Blaster Master Zero - Fire the Blaster Rifle
You can never go wrong with Jake Kaufman: Shovel Knight - No Weapons Here (Village)
Instant new favorite - Hole in One Golf - Congratulation

Track listing and original episode:

13 December 2023

LMH Mixtape #195: Brent's Recent Games

In this episode, all of Brent's tracks were from games that he had recently played/discovered.  Those include Brain Lord with some cool, funky bass guitar and the psychedelic, funky, wild ride that is Kirby's Dream land 3.  Rob also brought some of the smoothest Dean Evans jams with an unreleased Green Lantern track (though it technically wasn’t LMH “legal”) and an unused track from The Flintstones, which led to the iconic LMH moment: "Yabba Dabba Dabba Dabba Dabba Dabba Dooooooooooo.”


Yabba Dabba Dude, this track is so good!: The Flintstones - Unused Song 2
Unreleased but not unappreciated: Green Lantern - Game Complete
All about that bass: Brain Lord - Demon Invasion

Track listing and original episode:

06 December 2023

Episode 267: Wishing There Was More

In this episode, the Legacy Music Hour shares tracks they like but wish there was more of either in length or girth.  This is a subjective stance and some of their selections might sound very complete to you while others, you might agree, "Yeah, I wish there was more to this piece!"  Full track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

The Jetsons: Invasion of the Planet Pirates - Hideki Takahagi - Stage 6 - Sting/Taito - SNES - 1994

Yogi Bear's Cartoon Capers - George Villiers - Snow Business, Fast Food Fiasco - Blue Turtle/Empire Interactive - Mega Drive (Europe) - 1994

Gomola Speed - Yoshio Nagashima - Act 1, 2, 9, 10, 14, 18, 19 - UPL - PC Engine - 1990

Operation Europe: Path to Victory 1939-45 - Yuji Ohno - Battle of the Bulge - Koei - Genesis - 1994

Neugier: Umi to Kaze no Koudou - Yukihiro Takahashi - Port - Wolf Team/Nippon Telenet - Super Famicom - 1993

Double Dragon - Kazunaka Yamane - Mission 4 (Part 2) - Technos/Tradewest - NES - 1988

Kirby's Block Ball - Sukezo Ouyama, Ryoue Takagi - Stage 7 - HAL/Nintendo - Game Boy - 1996

Insector X - unknown - Damp Hall (Round 4: In the Cave) - Hot-B (dev.)/Sage Creations (pub.)/Taito (licensed by) - Genesis - 1990

Gigandes - Takaro Nozaki - Populism Answer (Episode 3 - Mesopotamian's Nightmare) - East Technology - arcade - 1989

Psy-O-Blade - Shigeru Tomita, Kazuhiro Hasegawa, Hiroto Kanno (Raika no Papa) (arr.) - BGM 2 - T&E Soft/Graphic Research/Sigma Ent. Inc. - Mega Drive - 1990

1943 Kai: Midway Kaisen - Junko Tamiya (GON!) - Air Battle A (Round 1, 5, 10) - Capcom - arcade (Japan) - 1988

Ys III: Wanderers from Ys - Mieko Ishikawa - Tower of Fate - Riot - Genesis - 1991

Dragon Fighter - Kouichi Yamanishi (Ukkari Yamanishi) - Stage 1 - Natsume/Sofel - NES - 1992