03 September 2011

Bonus: Funny Music Original Recording

The following recording is a supplement to Episode 44: Funny Music.  It is the original recording that was not used due to technical difficulties.  Shortly after the episode was recorded, it was realized that the guest microphones were not working properly and that the two guests, Jacob Sirof and Kevin Shea, were barely audible.  A few weeks later, the episode was re-recorded and released as Episode 44.  However, The Legacy Music Hour wasn't entirely satisfied with the second recording and felt that this first recording was funnier, more fun, and had an overall better energy.  And so, even though it is hard to hear the guests, The Legacy Music Hour has decided to release the recording anyway (without the music tracks and with a lot of volume level adjusting) as a bonus episode, so that listeners can get a sense of how the episode should have been.  But make sure to listen to Episode 44 first before listening to this one.

1 comment:

  1. Holy crap, you guys weren't kidding. I just listened to these two versions of the same episode back to back and this one is WORLDS better. The other one is painful in comparison.