07 September 2011

Episode 45: Western Composers

For Episode 45, Brent and Rob listen to music composed by Western composers only.  They also come up with a new name for the show.  Full track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia - Mark Van Hecke - Earth - Absolute Entertainment/Imagineering Inc. - NES - 1989

Battle Squadron - Ron Klaren, Rob Hubbard (arr.) - Game Over - Electronic Arts - Genesis - 1990

Secret of Evermore - Jeremy Soule - Flying - Square - SNES - 1995

Erik the Viking - Neil Baldwin - Days Of Ocean Blue - Eurocom - NES - 1992 (unreleased)

Sky Shark - Tim Follin, Masahiro Yuge, Tatsuya Uemura - Stage 1 - Software Creations/Taito - NES - 1988

The Incredible Crash Dummies - Geoff Follin - BGM 1 - LJN/Software Creations - NES - 1993

Anticipation - David Wise - Green Puzzle - Rare/Milton Bradley - NES - 1988

RoboCop Versus The Terminator - Mark Miller, Tommy Tallarico - Victory - Virgin Games - Genesis - 1994

Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse - Matt Furniss - Inner Sanctum - Sony Imagesoft - SNES - 1994

Snake Rattle 'n' Roll - David Wise - Level 8: Snake Lakes - Rare - Mega Drive (Europe) - 1993

NHL 96 - David Whittaker - Season - Electronic Arts - Genesis - 1995

Toughman Contest - Brian Schmidt - Old Theme - Electronic Arts - Genesis - 1995

Maniac Mansion - Dave Hayes - Dave - Jaleco/LucasArts - NES - 1990

Star Wars - John Williams, Marshall Parker (arr.) -  Han Solo Music - JVC/Beam Software - NES - 1991

Total Recall - David Warhol - Martian Mining Town (Mars) - Acclaim/Interplay - NES - 1990

Asterix - Alberto José González - Game Over/Continue - Infogrames/Bit Managers - NES (Europe) - 1993

Clay Fighter - Mitchell Stein, Brian Luzietti - Taffy - Interplay - SNES - 1993


  1. Long time listener, second time writer.

    I cannot express how excited I was see this episode. Not that I have any particular interest in Western game music composers, but for the first time would it be possible that the witty and awkward banter of Mr R. F. Switch and Mr B. Weinbach would continue in a marathon of non-sequiturs and light disagreement without even a single stumble, for there would be no Japanese names on which to trip!

    So imagine my heartbreak and sadness when it came to the forward announce of Mickey Mania by Andy Blythe and Marten Yoostra, Jooostra, Jewstra, Jowstra, or Joustra. And I turned to stone. A western name more difficult than any from Japan. It was all over for me.

    Not even the upbeat blips of the following track ("Snake Rattle 'n' Roll") could cheer me from the mispronunciation-induced catatonic state I found myself in. My heart was broken and I could not go on. The only recourse I had was to post a comment here, and hope that Rob and Brent would prepare to say composer names in future episodes more thoroughly in advance.

    --Your number one fan.

  2. Michael Giacchino's (The Incredibles, Up, Star Trek) humble beginnings!

  3. Doesn't that star wars track break the rules, your "no adaptations" rule? It's just Han's theme from the movies done in 8-bit.

    1. Yeah, we didn't realize that it was from the movie during the recording, but someone brought it to our attention later and we make the correction in a future episode (maybe even the next one).

    2. Came to make the same comment hehe, glad it was corrected!

  4. I'm a late comer to this podcast, but have been listening to every single one in order. Just before Rob said 'Alf', I thought to myself that my answer would be... Alf! What are the chances of that?! It's such a random answer, we both could have said anything!

  5. yo drum machine on the Boy and His Blob track sound like it need that firmware updated

  6. That Battle Squadron Game Over track bears some similarities to The Phantom of the Opera. Interesting stuff.