23 October 2013

Episode 156: Best Of Year In Review 3

Once again, Brent and Rob countdown their TOP TEN favorite video game music tracks of the year (Episodes 105 through 155).  This episode marks the completion of three whole years of The Legacy Music Hour.  The tracks selected could only be music they became aware of within the last 51 episodes (and that were played on the podcast).  Lots of "kills it" moments.  NOTE: If it's unclear, Brent and Rob are bowing in the photo.  Also, the cartridge right above the Narc shirt, which is hard to see, is the Famicom game, Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula-kun.  Partial track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Alcahest - Jun Ishikawa - Friends - Square - Super Famicom - 1993


  1. A tear fell down my cheek as the last track played. I'm going to seriously miss you guys.

    1. Save your tears for the last episode. I will miss all the users too.

  2. Darren DeLuxe (a.k.a. Pete R.)October 23, 2013 at 11:24 AM

    Thanks for the podcast, guys. You've helped to legitimize and sophisticate the continuing discourse that treats videogame music not merely as a small, complementary component of the larger videogame medium, but as straight up art in its own right.

    In other words, you guys are jam.

  3. For every week for the past year and a half, you guys have created a podcast that has allowed me to get through the work day. I re-listen to the episodes throughout the week just to hear the 8 and 16 bit music tracks. Thank you guys so much for the hard work over the years. You will be missed, greatly!

  4. I hoped to have a small honorable mention (given the unprecedented 7 stars of "Another World"), but having 3 tunes within Rob's best 10 of the year, man that is overwhelming, thanks!

    I also hoped I didn't understand well (with my average English) what I listened in episode 155 about the next being the last one. I wanted to think it was the last episode from your third year, but not "the” last. Now that it's confirmed I feel really sad. It's a sweet and sour moment.

    But there's still one more episode to enjoy, the most important one as it will be focused on you both. I can't wait for it, but at the same time I don't want it to arrive. Just like when you know you are about to finish a game you like very much and you don't want it to end.

    1. Yes. I like the comparison to the end of the game. It is definitely sad but I am glad to have been part of something so great and to have been exposed to so much great music (yours!).

      So get ready for the final boss level...

    2. I hope we can still be in touch after the podcast. Also, si alguna vez vienes a Barcelona ya sabes a dónde tienes un amigo.

  5. Can't wait for the full tracklist to be posted. Great episode.

  6. Alberto hit it on the head, I feel like my brothers and I used to when we would get to the last boss - like Lavos in Chrono Trigger - then save and quit for another day. I sent you my top ten through email, but I've rearranged it after listening to these tracks again and again:

    8. Seiken Densetsu 3 - Different Road - 115: Mountain Areas
    9. Classic Road 2 - Spring - 140: Free Play 14
    7. Thrash Rally - 1000 Lakes (Finland) - 114: Neo Geo
    10. Magic Johnson's Fast Break - Title Screen - 117: 1990
    4. Thrash Rally - Round 3: Acropolis (Greece) - 121: Free Play 12
    6. Waterworld - Map - 120: Slow Jams
    5. Double Dribble - Entering Password - 131: Elevator Music 3
    3. Res-Q - Ending- 143: Matt Furniss
    2. Solid runner - Irene's Voice - 145: New Age Music 3
    1. Pugsy - Red Woods- 143: Matt Furniss

    The care Matt Furniss put into Red Woods is amazing. I love the chimes and bells. That was one of my favorite episodes.

    Also, Brent's #1 track was AMAZING! I loved it, awesome pick! Hear ya next week!

    1. I second the Chrono Trigger comment. I was going to type that myself.
      Res-Q Ending, and Red Woods are going to be in my top 10, when I finish it! Those tracks just really stick with you don't they?

  7. It's such a shame to see you go, I've been listening since episode 75 and have since listened to every episode. It was great to hear you guys just chat to eachother and the in between songs banter was always my favorite part.

    Is there any chance you guys could consider doing maybe one episode per month? You've done a great job introducing me to music that I think I will continue exploring and learning, but it is sad to think I'll never hear you guys chat again, at least not new conversations. Maybe do another podcast together or separately?

  8. I just found out about this podcast two months ago and binge listened from episode 1 until I caught up to episode 140. I would like to accept my LMH Binge Listening Degree now.

    I'm really sad to hear that the Ganbare Golf Double Dragon Bad Boyeees are putting up their fists, but it was bound to happen sooner or later.

    Thanks so much for all the educational and entertaining episodes. I will miss hearing the sounds of chickens and farts in the background. I will miss the VGM karaokes and Mame that Chunes. *sigh*

    Hopefully the next episode is a "the end?" because I would love to hear you guys get together again and talk about Legacy Music.

    Questions. Will the hotline stay open? How long will the episodes be available once you guys are done? Can I still send you guys a VGM Karaoke in the future?

    Hear ya next week. =(

    1. The hotline will remain open! Stay tuned for the last episode to hear about what will happen post-LMH.

  9. Gotta give it up to you guys. Probably one of the best podcasts out there. The NPR of video game music, if you will. It was an honor to be a part of Legacy Music Hour history for an episode and an absolute treat to listen to you guys every Wednesday at work through all these years. I hope you guys still will post dance mixes every now and then! Thank you for the good times, man.

  10. Wow, amazing episode, I sat up from my reclined position when I heard this is it. I've been a dedicated listener since #1, thanks guys so much for being the best, all the best to your future endeavors. Thanks for the name drops, it's a really good feeling to be involved in something you love and care about. Thanks!

  11. Ok, just paused the episode to post my predictions. What's all this talk about the podcast ending? -_-

    Since I've been a user since the Mountains Episode (121), I've got a soft spot for the Smurfs track by Alberto José González - "Act 6: The Mountains." That entire episode is so great.

    For Brent, something from Classic Road?

    I don't even know what I'd put for my top 10. I'll listen to the new episode but then catch multiple old ones to re-listen to throughout the week. Now I think I'll start from 1 and work my way through to the end.

    This show has been the soundtrack for many work days and nights. Hanging out at home and working outside. Weird to think you guys won't be making new shows, but thanks so much for the 3 years worth of content you have created and curated. Thanks to the Internet, the show will never go away; more people will discover the show and enjoy it. Hope to hear/see big things from both of you.

  12. Love this episode. The greatest hits from the past year made me smile and excited to hear them again, yet I felt at a lost once I heard the news... Very sad to read the comments that the show is ending and to listen to the podcast right after and find out it's really true :( Been listening since May of 2012, and from there on out I looked forward to every episode each week and just loved driving and listen to you guys talk and deliver some extremely amazing music. Will definitely be going through the last 12 months to find my top ten! Thank you for three years, week after week, of one of the best podcasts I have listened to, ever.

    It's a very nice to think that undiscovered songs (or songs that have not been listened to as much as popular VGM) featured on this podcast get a chance to shine and become popular rather than be forgotten. It's because of LMH that I realized there is more to VGM than just providing a soundtrack to a video game. The music itself can stand on its own as something great!

  13. Julian from STL here aka Family Jules- R U fo real?! Ending the show completely?! U know I am gonna tear up from this. I'm still gonna send or at least post that Sega Genesis mix online once it is finished. I will also post it on here. I was hoping you guys could help get my name out there as a DJ once I post it up. I am B-Juled on facebook. I wish you guys could do the show on a monthly basis instead of weekly but I understand. I'm sure you are both busy all the time but that way we are all happy :). I was also thinking about doing open mic stand up myself sometime so I could always use any constructive advice. I might just do a video game podcast like you guys, my friend and I are talking about it. I have so many passions but the most important to me is music. Video Games are #2. Brent and Rob, I want you guys to know that you haven't just been a podcast to me, but true friends just by simply communicating with me, a fellow nerd with big aspiring dreams, much bigger than what you would expect. Dreams of producing fellow musicians, of becoming a dog trainer and vet tech (my career path), of becoming a solo acoustic artist, of becoming a rock band drummer, and becoming a locally known house DJ. So basically I have a lot of dreams but through this podcast I have learned I can bond being a musician and a video game nerd! You have helped pull me through many work days and even through life's toughest times. Thank you so much for the inspiration and please still communicate with all of us, your fans!!!

  14. what you can't end the show! its my favorite! I have listened to absolutely every episode you have ever done. I saved all your dance mixes on my iPhone and listen to them any time i go somewhere to hunt for video games. After i left my own video game music show at my college radio station, you guys kept me in the loop of video game music. I might just start a podcast now to take your place.

    well, i'm glad you also introduced me to VGMpire so i won't have such bad vgm withdrawals.

    -Peter, your biggest fan

  15. Thank you Rob and Brent! Going out on top like Seinfeld. (reggae Seinfeld)
    Been listening since the s1 halloween episode and haven't missed a wednesday update in the years since.
    So my stomach dropped with the announcement. But props to you guys for keeping it going EVERY week. Such an accomplishment.

    My picks of the year:
    Haunted Castle, Wagyan Paradise "sunken ship", Wimbledon Tennis "menu 1", Lively Town, Star Cruiser "restaurant", Monster Race.

  16. Having trouble downloading this episode from iTunes!

  17. First, I have to say you both picked some excellent tracks for the top 10. Brent nailed it with Twinbee 3 and Pictionary (track of the year!), and I have to agree with Rob that Aqua almost can't be beat (my runner-up track of the year). The rest of the picks were great as well. There were a few of my favorites missing (Tetris Blast, Zoda's Revenge, Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally), but it's hard to even find what to cut to stick those in. What a great year!

    I'd have a hard time picking tracks of the year, so I'm instead going to pick out my favorite episodes of the year. Episode 115 Mountain Areas was a great episode, with excellent music and interesting commentary. Episode 127 Taito 2 was great, featuring a lot of Tim and Geoff Follin. Episodes 128 and 129, the Launch and Twilight Games episodes, were really good -- I think the constraints helped make the music interesting, and it was really neat being able to compare early and late music from the different consoles. And finally, the Composer Of The Year was featured in Episode 138 Alberto Jose Gonzalez, which was overall my favorite episode for the year.

    The end of the Legacy Music Hour makes me think not only of all the great tracks that were played, but also of all those that won't get a chance. For me, this means both tracks that I love that I'm sorry others won't get to experience, as well as tracks that I've never heard and won't get to discover through LMH. You've introduced me to so much great music that I would have likely never found otherwise.

    I have to say, I'm really bummed that the show is ending. Every week since I started listening in March 2012 I've been excited every Wednesday for the newest episode. Even though I've heard every episode, I might go back and start listening from the beginning, starting with Episode 1 and listening to the next episode every Wednesday. I hope the community continues on, either here, or maybe in a mailing list or something. I'm sure I'll get a tear in my eye whenever I hear the Blaster Master Level 1 music.

  18. I lose my mother to cancer and my favorite podcast in the same year? The number 13 really is bad luck. Man, Wednesdays just won't be the same without you guys. I really wish you guys the best success in your future endeavors.

    1. Sorry to hear that my friend. Stay strong and I hope the tunes can provide some distraction.

  19. (Pauses podcast when instructed) I have no idea what your top 3s will be, but I am willing

    to bet that Brent will have a Wagyan Paradise track in there somewere, and Rob's no. 1 will

    be a McAbly track.
    (Listens to rest of episode)

    Rob! McAbly! I KNEW IT!!!! This one is my favorite from AJG as well.

    Well, I blew Brent's guess, I completely forgot about this one.

    (Types while "Freinds" is playing)
    My favorite podcast is ending? :( Well, I knew that it couldn't last forever. Thank you so

    much for helping me explore video game music beyond what little I already knew. Both of you

    have a passion for VGM that is very infectious, and your banter is always so entertaining,

    you guys are such pros.

    I have been listening since Episode 77: Sunsoft. I was HOOKED.

    I also wanted to commend you both for keeping the podcast "Family Friendly". It lends a

    sense of credibillity to the body of work.

    Also, thanks for always making us, the users, feel like were taking an active role in what

    went down. I think the fact that this small forum group is losing a "scene" that we can

    identifiy with, is the main reason why saying goodbye is so bittersweet.

    Once I discovered LMH (EP 77), I listened to every episode in order until I was caught up.

    I am really going to miss getting a new episode every week. One more to go.....

    1. I just wanted to add:
      What happened to my formatting? It looks like I don't know how to type! Sorry guys, that has never happened before.

    2. Retro Nick,

      I felt the same way when I heard just one episode; I was hooked! I still remember going through the list of Nerdist channels and just out of curiosity picked out LMH to try out. I'm so glad I did! Brent and Rob definitely have some good commentary chemistry that is very special and unlike many other podcasts out there.

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  21. In the words of Boromir: "This is a gift."

    I can think of no podcast that's as generous as The Legacy Music Hour. That two up-and-comers, with nary a plug nor pledge-drive in sight, would devote themselves to celebrating the work of others always made this podcast's very existence a miracle, insofar as miracles are defined by the impossibility of their existence. We can be grateful that this happened at all, much less consistently, and for three years.

    The generosity of our hosts was matched only by that of our composers, who devoted themselves to music without the hope of fame or even acknowledgement, often working anonymously. The result was a genre whose formal elements regularly beat those of the mainstream music industry, where style, marketing, and production seem to be working overtime to fill in what compositions lack.

    But, I am definitely feeling the sense of loss that Z_MET and others have expressed. I will continue to delve into the world of VGM, but it will be without my pals. I started off this podcast just so that I could hear what a comedian would have to say about the music from Starlight Zone, but my ear grew alongside Rob and Brent's, and its sad to think about my ears continuing their journey without the stronger, wiser ears of Rob and Brent (I'm picturing their ears with beards for some reason).

    I feel a loss of Rob and Brent as personalities too, and I was going to post my top ten moments of this podcast, but I will wait until after next week's episode. For now, I'll focus on the music, which I think was the intent of this episode, and post my favorite VGM stuff that I discovered this year (whether from the show or just under its influence):

    Strange Planet from Smurf's Nightmare
    Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf: BGM 2, BGM 3, BGM 4
    Wagyan Paradise: Water Duck ;)
    Out Run: Splash Wave (a rediscovery, but a passionate one)
    Megaman 6: The whole thing is good
    Twin Bee 3: Ending (f'reals tho)
    Gimmick: The whole thing (not actually sure when I first heard this, but really dug in this year)
    Pebble Beach Golf Links: Menu

    -S in SG

    BTW: Is anybody interested in making some kind of fancast, with maybe a bunch of fan VGM Karaoke edited together, or something like that? I can help make it, if anybody wants to contribute?

    1. (edit made for grammar and to keep it rated G for Gobocop)

    2. I was actually thinking of making a podcast called something like Retro Music Hour so that it was obviously inspired but wasn't just Legacy Music Hour 2. Didn't know if it would be something Rob/Brent would be into though, so was going to email them.

      Was thinking maybe I could do one every other week and let people know what the theme of the upcoming episode was and have them send in the songs they wanted to show off and maybe write like a paragraph about it. That way we could still find new music but it wouldn't be too difficult to keep up and burn whoever ran it out.

    3. Kenny,
      I like that idea a lot. What if it was called The Legacy of the Legacy Music Hour? It sounds like somebody could still get burned out doing that, but if others are into it, I think even just one episode would be interesting.

    4. If this happens I must know about it!

      I've tossed around the idea of doing a short youtube show featuring maybe 2 songs, but don't know what I would say. My Chiptune Tuesday fell by the wayside...

      I wrote the Boyyzzzzz a email thanking them, but they will be greatly missed.

      In short. Legacy Music Hour is Jam.

    5. I was thinking about this last night and I don't think I have the wherewithal to do a podcast like this justice, especially in light of what Rob and Brent have done. I'd be interested in listening to someone else do it though.

      The problem with too many retro game podcasts is the jokey/sarchastic/pop culture nature of the presenters, I will really miss the sort of normal people banter of these guys and hope that would carry along in another other podcast.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Kenny,
      I was thinking about it last night too, and while I think you're right that no new podcast would do this show justice, I thought of something else that might be easy and worth doing. What if one of the LMH users were to simply open up their email box to the community, who could then send that person song recommendations, voice messages to Rob and Brent, VGM karaoke, or even letters to have read. Then you just splice together all the audio and give it back to the users, and to Rob and Brent. Everybody will cry. And that's it!

    8. On second thought... I think this forum and our ability to contact Rob and Brent directly will serve as an adequate means to bring closure to everybody. That said, if enough people want to do this, I'm still down, if only because I want to have a recording of a bunch of people singing VGM Karaoke.

  22. This was a great episode to go out on. I will definitely be missing this show, it was a big part in helping me fully realize my deep appreciation for VGM. For me, the composers of the year were Alberto José González and Motoaki Tekenouchi. Their stuff is simply excellent, and I wouldn't have ever heard it had I not listened to this podcast.

    Even though the show is ending, I'll certainly keep going back to all my favorite episodes. There's so much music, there's probably tracks I forgot about that I need to rediscover. Here's to three great years of awesome jams! Congraturation This story is happy end. Thank you.

  23. Wow...it ends after 3 years.....I would have wished it would have continued at least another 3 years.. You guys made my long commute enjoyable with your podcast. Both of you guys and your show will be greatly missed. Thanks for exposing us to all this great music and information about this incredible era of VGM. And thx for giving me a reason to add more music to my ipod. I wish you guys and your future projects all the best.

    -Slick Vic

  24. Just need to join the other users here and congratulate you on a tremendously great podcast. You two have built an amazing resource of curated musical awesomeness. As a composer and fan of the 8- and 16-bit eras, I consider your show "research". As sad as I am that it is coming to an end, I'm really happy to have enjoyed it so much. If either of you have other game music opinions to share, I'll keep my pod catcher subscribed in hope and solidarity.

  25. I've been listening since the first year and have heard every episode at least once. I can't believe the show is really ending, I actually cried at the end of this episode.

    You guys have got me through some hard times over the years, seriously. I know you are both professional comedians, and have lives. Making a weekly podcast such as this is a huge undertaking, and it's astounding that you've been able to keep it up for this long.

    I would certainly hope that you continue making dance mixes. I would also hope for a monthly or bi-monthly show at some point in the future. Something about Brent and Rob's voices together is just soothing and comforting.

    I have tried listening to the only comparable podcast to this, which is VGMpire. It's just not the same as LMH. They keep talking after starting a track, and then continue playing 3 or 4 tracks in a row. The opening 25-30 seconds of the first track often doesn't get heard at all, which is very annoying to me.

    I've been introduced to a huge amount much great music, and feel honored to have listened to such a great podcast.

    1. Amen. VGMpire def need to learn a few lessons from LMH. Its just unlistenable and too hectic.

  26. I haven't listened to the last couple of episodes yet, but saw someone comment on the next one being the final and wanted to put in a comment before it was all over.
    Thank you so much for the podcast. I've listened since the beginning, and your podcast has helped me get through many days and showed me some truly great music. (People laugh when I tell them about the greatness of 8 and 16 bit video game music but after I have them listen to some of the tracks on your show they aren't laughing anymore.) Thanks for everything you have done and showed us and good luck in everything in the future. I'm sad to see the show is ending, and it will be missed, but glad to have been a long for the ride.


  27. Ahh man, hit me like a ton of bricks when I heard it was ending. I guess I just expected you guys to be there.....forever.

    I have listened to every episode and have multiple plays on many eps. To me, it wasn't just the appreciation of video game music that brings me close to this podcast and Rob and Brent, it's the appreciation of sound and poppy hooks with limited instrumentation. There's more emotion and skill evoked in a 8/16 bit sndtrk than on modern day games and even modern day radio!!

    Truly, a sad day for us users. But what a memory. Seriously, thanks for everything you've done for us. As I write this, i realize now that it doesn't feel so much as if i've lost something but, as if I've gained something. I feel comfortable. Thanks guys.


  28. Nooooooooo! I'm still hoping that this is some kind of Halloween trick, I love you guys and don't want this to be game over. I've been (mostly silently) along for the ride for most of the journey (I cant remember which episode was my first) and you guys have always been there helping me get through my boring work days with great music, witty banter, and awesome personalities. Well if this is the end, then I am saddened, but thankful for all the great times, memories, and music that you have shared with me over the years. Thank you!

  29. Here is my humble top 10. The tracks that just won't leave my head:
    10. Super Mario Land - Hirokazu Tanaka – Ending (EP. 128)

    9. Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together - Hitoshi Sakimoto – Reminiscence (EP. 124)

    8. Warsong - Noriyuki Iwadare, Isao Mizoguchi - Friendly Fight (Player Phase 1) (EP. 123)

    7. Magician Lord - Hiroaki Shimizu - Castle of Devils (Stage 4) (EP. 114)

    6. Magical Chase - Hitoshi Sakimoto, Masaharu Iwata - Final Stage (EP. 142)

    5. The Adventures of Mighty Max - Matt Furniss – Underwater (EP. 143)

    4. Langrisser II - Noriyuki Iwadare - The Last Battle (EP. 123)

    3. Puggsy - Matt Furniss - The Red Woods (EP. 143)

    2. Double Moon Densetsu - Motoaki Takenouchi - Registration/Final Boss Defeated (EP. 132)

    1. ResQ - Matt Furniss – Ending (EP. 143)
    And my pick for composer of the year: Matt "Filter Sweeps" Furniss!!!

  30. For two and a half years now you have been ever present in my headphones. Countless mornings I've had my cup of coffee together with you and countless nights have your soothing voices lulled me to sleep. Thank you so much for these years! All things must come to an end, even the great. Your chemistry and differing taste in music really took the show to another level. Filling the void after LMH will be close to impossible.

    Man, it feels like I've just been dumped!

    Thanks for all the legacy music hours. Much love!

    1. It's not you. It's me. Listen. We can be friends and we will always have the memories. Don't make this more painful than it needs to be.

  31. My top ten -
    1: Time Lord
    2: Time Lord
    3: Time Lord
    4: Time Lord
    5: Time Lord
    6: Time Lord
    7: Time Lord
    8: Time Lord 2: Time Lordier
    9: Time Lord
    10: Time Lord

    1. Unbelievably jam. The F Switch salutes this poster.

    2. hahahaha would of loved one of your famous nicknames, too bad the shows coming to an end. Thanks for the years of keeping me entertained during the great battle of life. You guys are something else!

    3. Thanks for your acknowledgement of my top ten. It is indeed a jam

    4. I feel sorry for all of the babies yet to be born that will never receive a Rob F. Switch nickname.

  32. Brent's number 1 has me a little flummoxed. It's a good track, no doubt. But #1? Crazy controversial.

    Favorite funny bit of the year: Basically the whole of Rob and Brent banter on the horse-racing/fishing ep, but the antics on the break-it-down song in particular made me completely lose it.

  33. I love this show, and I love these guys. I'm proud to call them friends, and I wish Rob could have been on my episode but I'm incredibly grateful that I was able to be a guest on this, my favorite podcast. I wish I would have had more energy during my appearance, but that's ok. It was still a great gift. I also feel thankful that I was able to make some contributions to the show that were of some value, like Brent's #5. That track, undeniably, is jam. And these comments are very touching. Excellent work, everyone.

    1. You did a great job. As we all know, having a bunch of energy is not what makes this podcast (necessarily) good.

  34. I'm totally speechless after listening to the Podcast last night. I wanted to write a comment right after I listened to it but I was too sad to do so. You guys are truly influential to me, the podcast made me learn alot about comedians, retro games, culture, music, and alot of things in general. It made me go pass through difficult times, I replay the past episodes alot. I'm gonna listen to them again as I consider knowing my favorite podcast ends is a difficult time of my life as well.

    Tho I expected this to happen, I still wasnt prepared enough. Its really like a graduation, its a beautiful experience but the end is inevitable.

    LMH is the only podcast that I really like. So much that I quote alot of jokes from the show. I hope its just a name change or theres a spiritual sequel to come. But even if there was a spiritual sequel, losing one of the cheeky cheeky men (the boys had grown) is a depressing thing.

    been reading all the other user's comments its really heartwarming to see all the users having mutual tear jerking moment.

    I'm a proud LMH user. Life really has its ups and down, and theres the left and right, but i hope we'll get the B A Select Start next week.

    Take care guys. :)

    (this was supposed to be sent a few days ago but surprisingly it didnt post)

  35. Kindof sad the Pocket Monster didn't make an appearance on this final episode

  36. There's something I don't get about this episode. First of all, Brent was right, Wagyan Paradise is an amazing find. But Cape is definitely not the best track from that soundtrack. I don't even know if it's in my top 10 on that soundtrack.

  37. Well, this is it. I've officially listened to every episode, and am now checking in for the last time with my list of last season's favorite one-liners.

    From Brent:

    3. "[The bass] sounds like an overly buff zipper." (#154)
    2. "I love." (#130)
    1. "There's plenty of pale chubs in the sea." (#149)

    From Rob:

    3. "Okay... another mysterious conversation you're havin' with m'jeans." (#137)
    2. "You would get a contact high off of that." (#144)
    1. "Brent, step back, man -- I'm about to go Bahamas on you." (#133)

    Collaborative Honorable Mentions:

    Monster in Rob's Pocket: Can I have a hug?
    Brent: Uhhm.

    Rob: You're a lovely man.
    Brent: Maybe.
    Rob: Maybe not.

    Thanks forever for all the laughs, guys. <3

  38. Might be the best episode of all.

    1) Rob's unpredictable list going all out Smurf.
    2) Brent getting smurfed by Rob
    3) Brent really doing a great job explaining his picks.