10 June 2015

LMH Mixtape #25: Nobuo Uematsu

Brent has occasionally referred to Nobuo Uematsu as "the John Williams of video game music" for good reason.  Uematsu's incredible work with the Final Fantasy series has earned him fans all over the world, and not just among dedicated video game hobbyists.  For this composer focus the boizz compiled a setlist with two distinct phases (or forms): the first is a chronological survey of Uematsu's music, and the second is a less structured collection of favorite selections.  Enjoy them both!


Instant new favorite:  Front Mission:  Gun Hazard - Remains
Other instant new favorite:  Final Fantasy V - My Home, Sweet Home
Brewed new favorite:  DynamiTracer - Music Factory

Gets me a little emotional:  Final Fantasy III - Town of Water
Blatant Favoritism Award:  The Final Fantasy Legend - Prologue

Track listing and original episode:


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