24 June 2015

LMH Mixtape #26: Beyond 16-Bit

When the Legacy Music Hour reached its sixth-month milestone, Brent and Rob stepped outside their usual realm and featured video game music from the fifth generation onward. Get ready to relive one of the rare Legacy Music Hour field trips that took you... BEYOND!!!... 16-bits.


Instant new favorite:  I-War - Main Title Theme
Other instant new favorite:  Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles - Kaze no Ne
Brewed new favorite:  Mega Man Network Transmission - Garden System (Needle Man Stage)

Underestimated Earworm Award*:  Wario Land: Shake It! - Just Plains

*a song you thought was only moderately catchy until you realized it had actually been in your head all week

Track listing and original episode:



  1. This episode wins the award for most polygons.

  2. Hey guys I've listened to a few of your shows and like how you dig into lesser known sources for music. I don't think I've seen any times that the music to King Arthur's World for the SNES has been used. If you don't know this soundtrack (and no surprise if you don't), you really should check it out. It's probably THE best soundtrack that no one has ever heard of. In particular check out the tracks Funky Goblin and Cavern Deep, though they're all good. Plus, the game is one of the rare titles to utilise the SNES surround capabilities and the mouse.

  3. Hey it's me again. I don't know if you guys have used Super R-Type for the SNES either. Man, this soundtrack is astounding. Check out 'Dream of a Labyrinth' for some funktastic bass slapping and keyboard playing and 'Blast Rock' for the most wicked guitar solos and double bass pedal you are likely to ever hear... Anywhere. The best part of Blast Rock is that it's just the song that plays when you want to select continue or not, but the song is like four minutes long. Who sits there on the continue screen for that long? I did, as a kid.

  4. Hey guys, love your podcast! Do check out the soundtrack to the King's Field series if you haven't already - it is a fantastically moody, haunting collection of tunes.