19 July 2017

LMH Mixtape #59: Square Squared

The boizz dipped back into the pool of Square compositions for Episode 59, but this time they were determined to dig up some hidden treasures.  Now you can peruse their gem collection in music-only mixtape form -- and don't forget to listen for the Street Fighter Influence™.


Instant new favorite: Romancing SaGa 3 - Gen's Castle Battle
Other instant new favorite: Front Mission: Gun Hazard - Richard Millman

Brewed new favorite: Treasure Hunter G - Emperor of Balladry
Other brewed new favorite: Rudra no Hihou - Sword of the Valiant
This song has lyrics:  Secret of Mana - Tell a Strange Tale*

* VGM Karaoke begins at the 01:08:45 mark in the original recording of Episode 60

Track listing and original episode:


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