27 October 2011

Episode 52: Best Of Year In Review

Brent and Rob countdown towards the new year of The Legacy Music Hour by sharing their TOP TEN video game music tracks from the last 51 episodes.  The music selected is only stuff they discovered within the last year and that was played on the podcast, meaning if they already had prior knowledge of a soundtrack before a year ago, that soundtrack would not be eligible for this episode.  Partial track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Super Mario World - Koji Kondo - Staff Roll/The Yoshis are Home/Cast List - Nintendo - SNES - 1991


  1. Where are the track listings? I only see one...

  2. The one track we listed was the last track we played to celebrate the new year. We didn't include a track listing of the countdown, because it would have spoiled the reveal of each track.

  3. Here's my own Best of the Year Review now that I've listened up this far, consisting of some of my favorite quotes from the show.

    From Brent:

    3. "So, this is the uh, music to when you're driving around in Party... Pizza... Van, or whatever it is."
    2: "You rained on my Rambo parade."
    1: "A boy and his Rob. That's me."

    From Rob:

    3: "I'm looking for my inner chune."
    2: "Batman."
    1: "This sounds like a sad elephant."

    Honorable Mention:

    "Bram Stoker's Caramel Coffin Chews," which I credit to both of you.

    1. Actually, scratch my #3 entry for Brent. I'd forgotten about the Turkish bath conversation. The proper #3 entry should be:

      "MINE'S not 'junk.'"

    2. Great idea naming the top quotes from the show thus far, lmao. These were indeed great ones. My favorite is definitely "A Boy and His Rob. That's me." I absolutely lost it when Brent said that.

  4. Oh god, hearing the chewing during the cake part is so disgusting. x_X I hate the sound of chewing.

    On the bright side, very happy to see a couple of EarthBound tracks referenced and/or played in this episode.

  5. The track listing isn't appearing for me either. Maybe it's because I'm on my phone. Weird .