23 November 2011

Episode 56: The Old West

Howdy, pardners!  Boss Brent and Switch the Kid rustle up the roughest, toughest Western music to ever stampede out of a game console.  In other words, the topic of Episode 56 is music from Western themed games and levels.  So get your spurs on and hold on to your hoss as Boss & The Kid ride with you into the sunset!  Yee-haw!!  Full track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Lucky Luke - Alberto José González - Credits - Bit Managers/Infogrames - Game Boy (Europe) - 1996

Day Dreamin' Davey - Paul Webb - Wild West Theme 2 - Sculptured Software/HAL Laboratory -  NES - 1991

Time Lord - David Wise - Dead Man's Gulch, Western U.S.A. (1860 A.D.) - Milton Bradley/Rare - NES - 1989

Live A Live - Yoko Shimomura - Sancho de Los Panchos - Square - Super Famicom - 1994

Sunset Riders - Motoaki Furukawa, Naohisa Morota (arr.) - Introduction - Konami - SNES - 1993

The Lone Ranger - Yoshinori Sasaki (Moai Sasaki), Kenichi Matsubara, Kozo Nakamura (La Nakamur), Tomoya Tomita (Gorgeous Tomita), Kenji Fukui, Satoko Minami - Town Theme 2 - Konami - NES - 1991

Gun.Smoke - Junko Tamiya - Title Screen - Capcom - NES - 1988

Sunset Riders - Motoaki Furukawa, Masahiro Ikariko (arr.), Hideto Inoue (arr.) - Gunfight at the Sunset Corral (Town Stage 1) - Konami - Genesis - 1993

Cowboy Kid - Masaharu Iwata - Stages 1, 3, 6: Slash Joe/Billy Morgan/Keith - Pixel/Romstar - NES - 1992

Gun.Smoke - Junko Tamiya - The Boulders (Stage 2) - Capcom - NES - 1988

Lethal Enforcers II: GunFighters - Tsuyoshi Sekito, Yuichi Sakakura - Bank Robbery (Stages 1-1, 1-3) - Konami - Genesis - 1994

Tin Star - Chris Jojo, Matthew Cannon, Suddi Baval - Title Screen - Software Creations - SNES - 1994

Animaniacs - Kiyoshi Murai (Kiyoshi "K-Mu" Murai) - Studio 3 (Part 2) - Konami - Genesis - 1994

Lethal Enforcers II: GunFighters - Tsuyoshi Sekito, Yuichi Sakakura - Stage Holdup (Stage 2), Train Robbery (Stage 4) - Konami - Genesis - 1994

Wild Guns - Hiroyuki Iwatsuki, Haruo Ohashi - Finale - Natsume - SNES - 1995


  1. Nice to know that the Turbografx 16/PC Engine is getting a whole episode to itself. There are some great sounding Hu Card titles on the system: Jackie Chan, Legendary Axe II, Tatsujin, Salamander (Lifeforce), Gradius, Super Star Soldier, Final Soldier, and Dragon Spirit are a few of my all time favorites for the system. Can't wait to hear what games you've got lined up for this episode.

  2. Nice to hear one of my tunes in the show! You may like to have a listen to the Old West tune in Baby Felix Halloween too.

    All the best,

  3. Whoa, is that really you, Alberto Jose Gonzalez? Thanks for checking out the show! That Lucky Luke track is awesome!

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  5. I was surprised how much the Gun.Smoke Title theme sounds like Bionic Commando.

  6. Hi guys... love the podcast! I just discovered it and I'm so happy that there are other people out there who appreciate the awesome music in old school video games... I thought I was the only nerd out there... haha.

    A good selection for this episode would have been Shadow's theme from Final Fantasy III (6) on the SNES. Check it out...


    1. Hi, thanks a lot! Even though Shadow's theme has an Old West sound, it's not from an Old West character or part of the game, so it wouldn't have been applicable to this episode... Keep checking out the back episodes. If you like Nobuo Uematsu, there's a focus on him for Episode 25.

  7. Listening to this episode reminded me of Bubsy, a platformer for the SNES (and later Genesis) that had some wild west levels. I'm listening through the soundtrack, and it's worth a listen! Check out the west levels here:


  8. Way late to the party on this one but I wanted to say a few things:
    Sunset Riders SNES is way closer to arcade perfect than Genesis, it's still missing some stuff though. The intro is in the arcade too.
    Love the Tin Star and Lethal Enforcers tracks with the voices. Reminds me of similar unintelligible voices from the theme from Good the Bad and the Ugly.

  9. MOTHER and EarthBound each have a variation on a very Mexican-styled Old West song that I love. I was hoping you would play it this episode, but I'll see if it gets played in later ones!