07 March 2012

Episode 71: Handheld Consoles

For Episode 71, Brent and Rob focus solely on music from handheld consoles of the 8-bit and 16-bit era.  Exploring the Game Boy, Game Gear, and Lynx soundtrack libraries, Brent and Rob discover some really great, compelling music.  It's amazing the music you'll hear coming out of these tiny machines.  Full track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Castlevania II: Belmont's Revenge - Hidehiro Funauchi - Ripe Seeds (Plant Castle) - Konami - Game Boy - 1991

Blue Lightning - Alex Rudis, Bob Vieira - Title Screen - Epyx/Atari - Lynx - 1989

X - Kazumi Totaka - Tunnel Scene - Nintendo - Game Boy (Japan) - 1992

Trip World - Phase Out (Tsutomu Ishida, Masayuki Iwata, Atsushi Mihiro) - World 3 (Part 1) - Sunsoft - Game Boy (Japan) - 1992

Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru - Kazumi Totaka - Staff Roll - Nintendo - Game Boy (Japan) - 1992

Crayon Shin-chan - unknown - Bubbles - TOSE/Bandai - Game Boy (Japan) - 1993

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening - Kozue Ishikawa - Tal Tal Heights (Mt. Tamaranch) - Nintendo - Game Boy - 1993

Avenging Spirit - Takahiro Ogata - Stage 6 - Jaleco - Game Boy - 1992

Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict - Motoaki Takenouchi - Distant Journey Calls - Camelot Software Planning - Game Gear (Japan) - 1995

Road Rash - Michael Bartlow, Elliot Gay (arr.) - Redwood Forest - Ocean - Game Boy - 1996

GG Aleste II: Lance Bird - Imami Pon, BA.M - Inter Algo - Compile/Sega - Game Gear (Japan) - 1993

Momotarou Dengeki: Momotaro Thunderbolt - Masakatsu Maekawa - Title Screen - Hudson Soft - Game Boy (Japan) - 1993

Defenders of Oasis - Type-O - Long time ago (Intro) - Sega - Game Gear - 1992

Heisei Tensai Bakabon - unknown - Continue? - Namco - Game Boy (Japan) - 1992

Chip's Challenge - Alex Rudis, Bob Vieira - Level 10 - Epyx/Atari - Lynx - 1989


  1. Where do you find the track names for your gbs tracks? All the ones from zophars domain don't have titles

    1. Sometimes on Youtube, you can find the track names for Game Boy soundtrack uploads. Other times, it just takes watching game play footage and identifying the track (for example, fo Avenging Spirt, I watched game play footage for each level, until I got to Stage 6, and saw that it used the track in question, so I named it Stage 6). And sometimes, if the track isn't for a particular level, I just make up a name based on what I see in the game play footage (in Crayon Shin-Chan, the music in question plays when you get an item that looks like a bottle of bubbles that you blow at enemies, so I named it "Bubbles" or in Jeisei Tensai Bakabon, the music in question plays at what looks like a continue screen after you die (it's in Japanese so I can't be certain, but I'm pretty sure), so I named that "Continue?").

    2. Thanks for the help, I'm doing a gameboy set on my college radio show as well. You guys should definitely check out David wise's monster max, one of my favorite gb osts

  2. Fantastic episode, I feel like I need to start hunting for more game boy and lynx sound tracks now.

  3. Howdy!

    I actually just discovered your podcast, and I'm really enjoying it. The format works very well, with the music playing once and then looping while you discuss composers, interesting trivia about the game/soundtrack, etc.

    Please keep up the great work! Looking forward to future episodes, as well as checking the backlog...

  4. I think this is my favorite episode of the podcast so far. You guys really came with some killer tracks. I've downloaded nearly every soundtrack of the games on this episode and I can't stop listening to them. Thanks for finding all the gems!

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    1. Try it again. For some reason it wasn't working, but then a few minutes later, it worked.

  6. Hi LMH guys, just wondering if you knew of a place to listen to the Atari Lynx soundtracks, I tried blue lightning and I'm having so much trouble finding the title theme to listen to, I can only find the Jaguar CD version

    1. It seems that stuff was only found on Youtube, but it looks like it's not up anymore, at least for Blue Lightning.

    2. Actually, it looks like someone uploaded a bunch of Lynx tracks as mp3s here:


      Blue Lightning is in there.

  7. You're a lifesaver, thanks so much :) , sincerely a big fan.