05 November 2014

Episode 158: Free Play 16

The boizz are back after a year long hiatus!  Hosts Brent Weinbach and Rob F. Switch's long awaited return kicks off with a Free Play, and the tracks they pick, many of which are new game titles to the podcast, range from pretty bonk to very bonk.  Full track listing below.

Game - Composer - Song - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Puss 'N Boots: Pero's Great Adventure - Tomohisa Mitsuyasu (J-Walk Mitsuyasu) - Stage 6: Liberty - Shouei/Electro Brain - NES - 1990

Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu - Masakatsu Maekawa (Sinkon Kiyoshi) - Stage Theme 3 - Now Production/Hudson Soft - NES - 1990

Gemfire - Masumi Nitta, Yoshiyuki Ito - Intro/Title Screen - Koei - Genesis - 1992

Holy Umbrella: Dondera no Mubou!! - Matsushita Hisashi - Luminous Caverns - Naxat Soft/Earthly Soft - Super Famicom - 1995

Battle Jockey - Hiroshi Ebihara, Kennosuke Suemura - Winners Circle Title Screen - Virgin Games/Nova Games - Super Famicom - 1994

Daisenryaku Expert WWII: War in Europe - Tamiya Terashima - Propaganda - ASCII Entertainment/SystemSoft - Super Famicom - 1996

The Flash - Jeroen Tel - Ending - Probe Entertainment - Sega Master System (Europe) - 1993

Super Bonk - Masaaki Nishizawa, Keiji Ueki, Kennosuke Suemura - Jump to the Sky! - Red/Hudson - SNES - 1994

Moto Roader - Goblin Sound - Dreamer (Title) - NCS - TurboGrafx-16 - 1989

Tetris Battle Gaiden - Tomoyuki Hamada - Spiritual Beauty - Bullet-Proof Software - Super Famicom - 1993

8 Eyes - Kenzou Kumei - Germany Boss - Taxan/Thinking Rabbit - NES - 1990

Dungeon Master - Hikoshi Hashimoto - Scorpions! - JVC/FTL Games - SNES - 1993

Ultimate Basketball - Dota Ando - gameplay - Aicom/American Sammy - NES - 1990

Lennus II: Fuuin no Shito - Kohei Tanaka - Field of Eltz (Ertse Field) - Asmik/Copya Systems - Super Famicom - 1996

Super Back to the Future II - Hitoshi Sakimoto - Round 4-2 - Toshiba EMI - Super Famicom - 1993


  1. Welcome back, BOIZZZ!!!!

    That was great episode!

    It definitely held up to the usual LMH standards of quality.

    I really liked the Dungeon Master track. Hikoshi Hashimoto also did Cosmic Carnage for the 32X, which is an excellent soundtrack.

    I don't think 32X music would be outside the scope of the show, since it's simply using the Genesis sound chip, and it's still a part of the 16 bit era.

    1. That would apply to Sega CD to some degree as well.

    2. 32X actually does add some new sound hardware. It adds four PWM sampler channels (think SNES, but better).

      However, since most games only use these for voices and sound effects, and the sound hardware is just plain Genesis otherwise (Cosmic Carnage is only plain Genesis sound hardware music, for instance).

      Plus, with 32X still being considered 4th gen, it seems that adding 32X too the show is a no brainer. :-)

    3. Yeah, Cosmic Carnage should be fair game then, I'd say.

      Sega CD music is different. A good amount of it is Redbook CD audio, and it even plays on CD players. I can see why that might not be fair for the show.

      Actually, what about Japanese Computers from the 80's and 90's? I think Brent mentioned wanting to do a computer games episode at some point early on in the podcast. Stuff like PC-88, PC-98, and MSX.

      I'm a big fan of the soundtrack from Snatcher. The best version of the soundtrack might be the PC-88 version. Stuff like this:





      I would also like to recommend any of the PC-98 music composed by the late Ryu Umemoto. He was a master of FM synth chips. Listen to these:




  2. Welcome back! LMH is in top form and the users salute you.

  3. Great to have you guys back!
    Lovin' that Tetris Battle Gaiden track, the stereo effect on the drums and the time signature change, totally Bonk! Speaking of Bonk, the Super Bonk track is totally uplifting, great for a stroll or bike ride on a sunny day.
    Also good call on Shovel Knight. I recently had the privilege of playing through that one and there some seriously great tracks in there. There's this killer melody in the La Danse Macabre (Lich Yard) track with all these pitch bends. Also a few Manami Matsumae tracks which are great.
    Thanks guys, great episode!

  4. I got a little choked up when I saw this pop up on my RSS feed. Feels so good to be back!

    Thank you guys for being awesome and doing what you do!

  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GwjfUFyY6M

    Welcome back!

  6. Legacy Music Hour 2: 8 and 16 Bit Boogaloo

  7. It was so, so awesome to hear that the users have been rallying around you and supporting your comeback in their own individual ways. A million thanks to The Gabe and Studio Trevor for taking the engineering and hosting burdens off your shoulders this time! No doubt that is a huge relief.

    I vote to keep it "The Legacy Music Hour" in an official sense, but to call it by any of the enhanced titles when the mood strikes you. They're too funny not to use.

    In addition to "The Super Legacy Music Hour" and "Legacy Music Hour: Champion Edition," I find myself calling it "LMH Mark III" after the Japanese Sega Master System, which improved on the original line with more processing power (e.g. The Gabe, Studio Trevor, Darren Deluxe) while still keeping close to its roots. In a sense the mixtapes could be considered the LMH Mark II, being basically the same thing as the original, just with slightly different packaging.

    Also, that Gemfire track is Bonk.

    1. Thank you for your hard work, keyglyph! I blast these mixtapes every time I take a shower, or cook, or even take an evening stroll through the city. Excited for more to come! :)

  8. This new Legacy Music Hour episode is my favorite album of 2014.

  9. The Boiiz are back!!!! So glad to hear Rob is now a RPG man. And thank you for the shoutout, Brent!!!

    My thoughts:

    - I love the upbeat dancy-ness of the Battle Jockey track!
    - Who knew a WWII strategy game had such great music?! The second half of the song is definitely a jam.
    - Great drums on The Flash.
    - I liked how the Tetris Battle Gaiden track almost seamlessly changed time signature!
    - Dungeon Master reminds me a bit of Chrono Trigger battle music. Just very slightly! I think it's because of the funky bass line.

    Thank you guys for the come back! Welcome back! And once-a-month seems like a good balance. Looking forward to the next episode :)

  10. Glad to have you back, guys - and thanks for the nice mention.

    And Brent, you're right - Spiritual Beauty is totally the best track from Tetris Battle Gaiden.

  11. Thank goodness for your return! Really great episode, guys! Picking up right where you left off!

    I don't recall any direct mention of it, but will Miss Keyglyph be putting out more of the mixes in between new episodes? Obviously so excited about new eps, but the mixes are great for when you just need a solid dose of Legacy straight to the brain!

    1. The mixtapes will continue! Glad to hear you've been enjoying them.

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  13. Welcome back! What a bonk episode!

    I hope you sprinkle in the themed episodes, since it's always fun to hear how tracks tie together musically to the theme.

    Have you guys been keeping tabs on the other VGM podcasts that have been popping up in your absence? I know VGMpire and Super Marcato Bros. were well established before your hiatus, but in the last year PixelTunes Radio and Super Rainwave Podcast (shameless plug for my own show) have had good starts. Train Station At 8 is also good but is more focused on talking about VGM than listening to it. Are there other good VGM podcasts I'm missing?

    1. Pixelated Audio is another new one. They have a few shows but I haven't heard em all yet. So far, I like it a lot. Seems pretty organized too. But yeah, LMH will always be the de facto

    2. Thanks for the shout, Rainwave! We're super-stoked that the Chiki Chiki Boys are back, too!

  14. The BOIZZ are back in town! What a great comeback episode. My favorites were Moto Roader, Tetris Battle Gaiden, and Dungeon Master. That being said, all the tracks in the episode were BONK!

  15. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands together, for the podcast that you've all been waiting for.....the LEGACY MUSIC HOUR!!!!

    So great to hear you guys again, this episode is Bonk. I think I have the new show title: Super Ultra Legacy Music Hour 3 Arcade Remix Hyper Edition EX Plus Alpha! What's that? Too long you say? (Just kidding, keep it the way it is)

    Please don't feel self conscious about too much banter, that's part of why the show is so listenable in the first place. Don't worry about going over an hour either, we are only getting these once a month now, I think you get a little elbow room here.

    I'm glad you heard the soundtrack to Shovel Knight, It's one of the best out there, and I was going to recommend it to you anyway.

  16. Was it just me or did the Sega clip from Gemfire sound more like the "in the year 2000" tune

  17. Glad to have you two back! So the plan is an episode a month? Any chance of bi-weekly at all?

  18. So pumped about this! I have been holding out hope ever since the last one over a year ago that this day might come! Feels very good to have the BOIIZZ back in the saddle again! :-D

    I sent the Boiizz an email about this already, but for the benefit of the other "users", I'll share it here too:

    As fantastic as the NES version of that Jackie Chan track is (second track in the episode), in my opinion, the TurboGrafx16 version is even better!

    Here's the TG16...you be the judge:

    Jackie Chan's Action Kung Fu - Turbografx16 - HES…: http://youtu.be/YZmkIxxRf5Y

    p.s. YouTube video uploaded by yours truly. :-)

  19. Glad you guys are back! If you're taking suggestions from all users, I've got a couple for you: Ultima Exodus (NES) has a couple of very excellent tracks; Pokemon Trading Card Game (GameBoy); Time Trax (Genesis) which was unreleased and composed by the Follins.

    1. Ultima Exodus... yes, that is a great soundtrack! The Castle Theme, The Town Music, even the sort of acid rock-ish Battle Music. But the Ambrosia theme is one of my favorite VGM tracks of all time!

  20. I just went back to check, and Battle Jockey was not the "break it down" song -- that was a song from Keiba Eight Special 2. Still, I really liked this new Battle Jockey song!

  21. Since its now once a month, I don't mind the show going longer at all! The Legacy Music Hour and a Half. Throw in a Super or III in there just to keep it mysterious and confusing.

  22. And if you are willing to do two hours how bout The Legacy Music Hour Z. Dragon ball style.

  23. I hadn't realized how much I loved the show until you stopped doing it. Thank you so much for coming back !

  24. Totally bonk episode guys.

    So thrilled you're back!

    "Let's ooze into the news..."

  25. Saw this pop up on my feed and thought it was some sort of mistake! BUT IT'S NOT! SO HAPPY >.<!

  26. FYI, and y'all back me up on this...

    We listen for Brent and Rob, we can hear the music on our own :)

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Agreed. I've discovered so much great music from this show, but the banter must remain intact. Ramble on boyz....

  27. It's great to have the boiz back and with an episode of such great music. I basically want all these soundtracks.

    My only hope is that you had so much fun you'll talk yourself into doing it biweekly instead of monthly! :)

    Great to have you guys back in my podcast world

  28. Julian from STL (Family Jules)- I just listened to episode 158. The Jackie Chan Kung Fu and Gemfire tracks were incredible!!!!! I am glad you guys are back. I missed you guys lol. Btw I recently got Surge soda from Amazon and today I will be drinking the last one. I will toast it in your honor and in honor of my childhood with the Sega Genesis!!

  29. Hearing Brent call Shovel Knight "IBM Compatible" instead of just "PC" was incredible.

  30. I know this is years after the hiatus and that you're making new episodes again, but I can't help but feel a sense of relief now that I've gotten to this episode. I started listening to the podcast a couple years ago, so your hiatus only lasted a day for me.

    Keep up the amazing work everybody! This podcast has introduced me to so many more composers and soundtracks that I didn't know about before.

    1. I agree! I started listening to the podcast last year and just caught up to this episode after starting from episode 1. It's so nice to hear Brent and Rob being so happy after the somber ending of 157.

      I guess Rob is an RPG guy now.