27 May 2015

LMH Mixtape #24: Punching and Kicking

Brent and Rob created the "punching and kicking" category to focus on titles that involved pummeling your enemies but which were not classified as straight-up fighting games.  This flexible definition would cause some controversy in later installments (see "The Kabuki Quantum Fighter Discussion" and "The Shatterhand Incident" of Episode 92; see also "The Live Shatterhand Debate" of Episode 100) -- but after the dust settles, the result is always some grade-A jams.


Instant new favorite:  DJ Boy - Round 4
Other instant new favorite:  Growl - Rune & Ark
Brewed new favorite:  Black Belt - Main BGM

Gets me a little emotional:  Golden Axe - Path of Fiend
Headphone users beware*:  The Ninja Warriors - Motherless Children (Stage 5)

*a track that has sudden volume spikes.  Exercise caution when cranking these!
Track listing and original episode:



  1. I didn't get to listen to this until now. My favorite is definitely Two Crude Dudes all the way. How did I miss that Sakimoto was on that? Anyway, totally reminded me of the main theme from Terminator 2.....until it jumps straight into early 80's giant robot anime rock! Oh my gosh that is such an amazing song.

    Keyglyph, I second your sentiments regarding the Golden Axe track....although nostalgia is probably getting in there as well. I hated those FM sounds for a long time(they sounded broken next to the SNES's ability to sound like classical music), but looking back on it now, it exists as its own unique thing. There's nothing else that sounds like a Genesis belching out sword and sorcery tunes. Except maybe Arnold Schwarzenegger beheading Val Kilmer in Duke Igthorn's castle.

  2. This is good! Golden Axe makes me feel nostalgic and aggressive at the same time. it's kind of weird.