22 July 2015

LMH Mixtape #28: Sonic the Hedgehog

Writing the usual sort of unbiased third-person introduction was almost impossible for KeyGlyph this week.  Why is that, you ask?  Because for her -- as well as countless other gamers -- the music from the Sonic the Hedgehog series holds some of the nearest and dearest spots in her VGM-loving heart.  This mixtape may send you through loop-de-loops of nostalgia, or it may take you to previously unknown zones; either way, there's simply no denying that the LMH Sonic the Hedgehog focus was way past cool.


Track listing and original episode:



  1. So here's a little Sonic the Hedgehog story I want to share.

    I was four when my family got our first console (an NES), and for whatever reason I was immediately into the music. For a lot of the games we owned, though, the only way to listen to tunes uninterrupted was to sit around on introduction screens and menus. I considered it a miracle when a game let tracks loop while paused -- but even then, that required the player to be dextrous enough to get to later levels to hear specific tracks. At four years old there was a definite limit to what my motor skills could achieve, so there was a lot I knew I wouldn't get to hear.

    Then a few years later we got a Genesis, and when we eventually picked up a copy of Sonic 2, I discovered something on its menu screen called SOUND TEST.

    My brain literally figuratively exploded.

    Sonic 2 became the first video game soundtrack I thought to record to cassette, and it's because the sound test made it so easy. I spent the better part of a morning standing next to our TV and taping it all with my Fischer-Price recorder. I then spent the better part of two years listening to that tape on every long car trip. It was glorious. (Sonic 1 technically does have a sound test too, but for whatever reason I didn't investigate it before Sonic 2 came along.)

    So, when I do these mixtapes, I feel like I'm doing the exact same thing I've been doing since I was eight. I just have better technology this time. :)

    And it all started with Sonic!

  2. Yess! Talk about nostalgia - I felt like I was back at home watching my brother playing Sonic. Good times :)

  3. Just found out from a friend that you guys were back on air. Starting from the break and am moving forward to catch.

    Simply put, I have missed the show. The banter between you two is classic and I absolutely love chiptunes. Thank you so much for giving it the ol' college try once again.