16 September 2015

LMH Mixtape #31: Shorties

Welcome to one of the weirdest Legacy Music Hour mixtapes you'll ever listen to.  A "shorty" is any tune that is approximately ten seconds long: think menu screens, opening fanfares, completion jingles, and so on.  Because of their brevity, more than forty tracks get featured in each shorties episode.  Now you can listen to the first batch in one unrelenting rush, like some kind of quirky, catchy boss parade.


Instant new favorite:  Karnov - The End (Part 2)
Other instant new favorite:  Rockman and Forte - Player Select

Brewed new favorite:  Son Son II - Continue
Other brewed new favorite: Secret of Mana - Close Your Eyelids

Infinite Loop Award:  Rockman and Forte - Player Select

Track listing and original episode:


1 comment:

  1. I love the Mix Tapes and have been waiting for this one due to the weirdness of hearing non stop shorties. That Fire Emblem track!