30 December 2015

LMH Mixtape #36: Kinuyo Yamashita

Back in Episode 36, Kinuyo Yamashita, famed composer for the original Castlevania, spoke with Brent and Rob as part of her very own LMH focus.  Her interview is worth revisiting not only for her insights into her profession, but for some breaking news that surprised even the boizz!  Whether you check that out now or later, don't forget to enjoy this mixtape of pure, distilled Yamashita music.


Instant new favorite:  Medarot: Kabuto Version - gameplay (second selection)
Brewed new favorite:  Power Blade - Sector 7
Other brewed new favorite: Medatort: Kabuto Version - gameplay (third selection)

Underestimated Earworm Award:  Medarot: Kabuto Version - gameplay (first selection)
MVP Award:  Medarot: Kabuto Version.  Clearly.

Track listing and original episode:


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