16 November 2016

LMH Mixtape #50: Free Play 5

Well users, we made it to Mixtape 50 -- which means that the Best Of the Year In Review is just two episodes away.  If you never got around to making your top 10 list back in 2011, or you think your list might be different after ingesting all these mixtapes, now's your chance!  Start thinking about it while you take in Free Play 5, and maybe we'll all be comparing countdowns when we hit Mixtape 52.


Instant new favorite: Nosferatu - Main Theme
Other instant new favorite: Rygar - Cave
Brewed new favorite: Soul Blazer - The Shrine of the Master

This song has lyrics: Wonder Momo - Ending*
This song also has lyrics: Rygar - Cave**

* VGM Karaoke begins at 00:55:30 in the original episode
** VGM Karaoke begins at 01:00:22 in the original episode

Track listing and original episode:


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