31 October 2018

LMH Mixtape #78: Beyond 16-Bit 2

Hey, what's that buried at the bottom of your trick-or-treating pillowcase?  No, it's not a copy of Time Lord -- it's another Legacy Music Hour mixtape!  And while Halloween is all about celebrating the spiritual beyond, there's definitely something fitting about using the holiday to celebrate the musical beyond, too.  So, enjoy this collection of tracks from the spiritual realm past the 16-bit era as supplied by Brent, Rob, and two special guests: Tetris Attack master Pablo Bert and video game music cover artist Stedman Wilson.


Instant new favorite: Kirby's Epic Yarn - Outer Rings
Other instant new favorite:  A Boy and His Blob - Subterra
Brewed new favorite:  Mr. Driller 2 - Mr. Driller's Theme (Ardenten Version)

This song needs lyrics*:  The Terminator - Future Shock
Somebody please expand these lyrics**:  Virtua Tennis - Beginning A Destiny

*as requested by Rob F. Switch in the original episode
**collaborative freestyle begins at 00:38:58 in the original episode

Track listing and original episode:


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