27 March 2019

LMH Mixtape #87: Norio Hanzawa

Adequately describing Norio Hanzawa's complicated compositional style is a challenge.  Intricate and futuristic, sometimes frenetic, occasionally high-octane, yet always memorable, these tunes have sweeping narratives that convey much more than generalized emotions or simple environments.  Not sure what that means?  Listen to the mixtape and find out.  NOTE: In the intro to the episode, Brent refers to the composer as Kazuo Hanzawa, because at the time, the composer was known as such, but now, it has been confirmed that his name is actually Norio.


Instant new favorite:  Alien Soldier - Oblivious Past
Other instant new favorite:  Alien Soldier - Runner/AD2025
Other other instant new favorite:  Gunstar Heroes - Last Party on the Moon
Brewed new favorite:  Quarth - BGM 1

Track listing and original episode:


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