04 December 2019

Episode 219: Two

Two.  Interesting choice to call this episode "Two."  Brent and Rob cover lots of ground, lots of popular bands and artists of the 80's and 90's, that is.  Some weird mystery sounds come out of Gabe and Brent as well.  Also, a new Legacy Music Hour tribute VGM Karaoke by user Julián (aka ysy-y).  Full track listing below.

Game - Composer - Track - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Battle Kid: Fortress of Peril - Sivak - Amethyst Caverns - Sivak Games/RetroZone - NES - 2010

World Class Rugby - Koji Hayashi - Staff Roll - Denton Designs/Misawa - Super Famicom - 1993

Micro Mages - Julius Riecke - Heroic - Morphcat Games - NES - 2019

Lord Monarch - Falcom Sound Team J.D.K. - Title - Epoch/AIM - Super Famicom - 1992

Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures - Katsuro Tajima (Fuken Tajima), Hasson's Family - Lullaby - Namco - SNES - 1994

NHK Taiga Drama: Taiheiki - unknown - Opening - TOSE - Mega Drive - 1991

Strider - Harumi Fujita - Opening - Capcom - NES - 1989

Mega Turrican - Chris Hülsbeck - Stage 2-2 - Factor 5/Data East - Genesis - 1994

Lupin III: Densetsu no Hihou o Oe! - Hisao Ogawa - Happiness - SAS Sakata/Epoch - Super Famicom - 1994

Famicom Mukashi Banashi: Yuuyuuki (Zenpen) - Soyo Oka - GO WEST! - Pax Softonica/Nintendo - Famicom Disk System - 1989

Super Rugby - Makiko Ito - Credits - Zap/TSS - Famicom - 1989

Doraemon: Meikyuu Daisakusen - Jun Chikuma (A. Chikuma) - Samurai Era - Hudson Soft - PC Engine - 1989


  1. Wow, Santa Bono is right!

    Regarding your playing of the Battle Kid track: correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it established in the past that LMH had a cut-off date for valid selections because after some point (I thought it was sometime in '96) composition styles had changed to the point where they didn't sound like classic game compositions? Having said that, I'm happy you're not following that rule. There were a lot of games made after that point, including current games, that have music worthy of playing on LMH. In fact, there are two awesome Genesis games in development right now which have soundtracks that are shaping up to be phenomenal, and I hope they get play on the show when the time comes(the games are Xeno Crisis and Phantom Gear)


  2. Upon further research, it appears that Xeno Crisis is actually released on cartridge for both Genesis AND Neo Geo(?!), as well as available on Dreamcast, Switch, and Steam.

  3. Rob, I really feel for you in your Super Potato story. The last time I was in Tokyo, I had a friend send me a list to try and find for him, but all the titles were the English titles. I had to look up the original titles for those I didn't already know, and then try and find them for a decent price (I was given a 1000¥/ $10 limit, which was no small feat). All the Famicom and SuFami carts on the shelves that are affordable are loose! Luckily, I can read and speak Japanese. Needless to say, I only ended up getting a couple of the requested carts.

  4. Straight up? I would do a $5/month donation level for no reward, just to support. I would suggest a $5 level though with an access reward for people, like special access to bonus content (audio, video, etc.). I would suggest a higher level, like $10, where you would be allowed to vote on the theme of the episodes, maybe like 4 episodes a year the theme is determined by those users, with a cute name like the superusers, or the Legacy Music Council. The sky is the limit with these tiers. Ill be ready to join when it’s up!

  5. Each level should also give the reward of the previous levels, so $10 patrons will get the $5-level rewards as well

  6. That Lord Monarch track might be the best one I've ever heard. Smooth as heck!

    I would GLADLY do a $5/month Patreon donation. I say go for it!

  7. I would happily, with a huge smile on my face donate to your patreon if you set one up. I don't do that type of stuff and don't understand the whole tier levels or rewards thing but is that necessary? I don't want rewards or anything extra for donating, just the same old content i'm used to.
    Love you guys, keep doing what you do.

  8. I think my comment might have gotten eaten… just in case, I'll repost it.

    Would happily donate to the Patreon for no extra reward.

    But if you want ideas for little bonuses, here are some:
    - Mini "let's play" once a month of a game you're already playing. Just turn on the microphone and record the screen!
    - Expanded "Gabe's Corner" once a month. Could be whatever Gabe wants it to be.
    - Little monthly playlist of non-VGM music you've been listening to. Could be as simple as a YouTube or Spotify playlist.
    - And of course behind the scenes of the pod would be lovely.

    Thanks for all you do! Hope you do set up a Patreon.

    P.S. 3 in Three was one of the first games I ever played as a kid. Used to spend hours trying to solve the puzzles with my dad on the old Macintosh II. Great memories.

  9. Bonus ideas: brent's piano covers, Rob f's on-the-scene video coverage at local vg conventions, Gabe's vg music composition tutorials.

  10. I would definitely be a patreon donater, and really don't care about rewards. This podcast came into my life only in the last year but it's been the thing i've listened to more than anything else this year, so I would love to give back a little bit!

  11. A twitter account would also be good for sharing the podcast please

  12. I have some bad news first, I've just binged all the episodes since Episode One. Now I'm to date, and it sucks. I don't know what to listen at work anymore... prolly I'll just to a back to back again... start from episode one ... seems to be a good idea.

    I just love the Strider for NES main theme. I just hum that tune a lot... That was a really glitchy game, you actually had to take advantages of the glitch in order to finish the game...

    1. Definitely go back. I've just looped them for 5 years. I've done the originals around 15 times. Never gets old.

    2. I'm on my second loop through all the episodes now. Back up to episode 201 currently. It was just as good the second time through.

  13. Have been using the podcast since 2010 - would gladly join a Patreon for absolutely no rewards at all, just to keep supporting.

    If you need rewards, would love to hear Brent's piano covers and post 8 & 16 bit extra episodes every once in a while. Also, more frequent episodes if a certain tier is reached would be cool too - but do not change too much and do not burn out again, please. We need consistent LMH in our lifes!

  14. I would definitely like a Patreon option, even if it didn't have any perks. Behind the scenes photos or videos would be awesome though! Maybe also a video showing us your current game collections or a tour of Fisticuts? Just throwing that out there.

    Also, Gabe's tease of "two" turned out to be exactly what I was hoping it would be! Can't wait!!! I've listened to the first soundtrack so many times. Very excited for part two!

  15. Thank you LMH. I have to agree with the others, Brent's piano vgm covers are amazing.

  16. Yes, please make a Patreon! It would make it much easier to donate!

  17. Another title for the ep could be "Interesting Choices."
    I agree it was weird they chose Road Rash 2, Space Harrier 2, Virtua Fighter 2, and Thunder Force 3. Virtua fighter shouldn't have been included as it does not represent what the Genesis was about.
    Imho Metal Gear Solid, Intelligent Cube, Tekken 3, and Puzzle Fighter are the best games for the PS mini. They kinda fudged Metal Gear because you need the DualShock to play the game properly. I was really surprised they included Puzzle Fighter and Intelligent Cube.
    I laughed out loud when Gabecube's voice cracked along with the ensuing banter.
    Is that a Macao Man Randy Savage Christmas sweater Rob is wearing?