22 January 2020

LMH Mixtape #110: Free Play 11

As pointed out by user TOU-John, this mixtape is numerically special in numerous ways.  With Episode 220 sharing the same publication month as Mixtape 110, we are now officially halfway through the LMH episodes proper.  There are also a lot of ones, twos, and zeroes going on, with the mixtape going live on 01/22/2020 against the fresh January episode's 01/01/2020 publish date.  The setlist even features a tune that Sentimental in San Gabriel would go on to karaoke live much later in Episode 200, and to top it all off, KeyGlyph herself was born on 11/22 -- more ones, twos, and halves.  Basically, if the fabric of reality distorts on January 22nd, it's probably the Legacy Music Hour's fault, and we apologize.  Happy New Year, though!


Instant new favorite:  Super Nova - Peace Destroyer
Other instant new favorite:  Knight Rider Special - Stage 2: Sea Side
Brewed new favorite:  Wolfchild - Stage 2: Jungle
Other brewed new favorite:  Devilish: The Next Possession - Stage 3: Waterfalls

Now That I've Found It, I Can't Live Without It:  Wolfchild - Stage 2: Jungle
This Song Has Lyrics:  Pebble Beach Golf Links - Staff Roll*

*Josh's VGM Karaoke "Do You Do" begins at 01:34:17 in Episode 200

Track listing and original episode:


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