06 May 2020

Episode 224: Beyond 16-Bit 6

The boizz have a hot dog of a time with this edition of the Legacy Music Hour, where once again, they explore some fifth generation and above titles.  Bowel movements end up being the running theme of this episode (and stones a little bit too), so heads up, or actually, bottoms up.  NOTE: In the photo, Brent is trying to make his fingers/hands look like a hot dog in a bun, in case you were wondering.  Full track listing below.

Game - Composer - Track - Company - Console - Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Hotdog Storm - Fumito Tamayama, Shigenori Masuko (Shige Masco), Yoko Kawashima (Yoko) - Opening Demo - Marble/Ace International - arcade (Japan) - 1996

Intelligent Qube - Takayuki Hattori - The 1st Tide - G-Artists/SCEA - PlayStation - 1997

Under Defeat - Shinji Hosoe - Can’t Come Back? (Stage 1) - G.Rev - Dreamcast (Japan) - 2006

Neo Turf Masters - Takushi Hiyamuta (Hiya) - Fujiyama Oriental Golf Club (Japan) - Nazca/SNK - Neo Geo - 1996

Time Gal - Shinji Tamura (S.Tamura), Yuriko Yamamoto (voc.) - Beyond Time and Space (Opening) - Wolf Team/Renovation - Sega CD - 1993

Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-Bit Land - Jake Kaufman - Platforming 3 - WayForward/D3Publisher - Nintendo 3DS - 2013

Gunlord - Rafael Dyll - End Credits - NG:DEV.TEAM - Dreamcast (Europe) - 2012

Fez - Rich Vreeland (Disasterpeace) - Majesty - Polytron - Xbox 360 - 2012

Sol-Feace - Motoi Sakuraba - Cilius Moon Weapon Factory (Mission 2) - Wolf Team - Sega CD - 1992

Dimahoo - Atsuhiro Motoyama - Scramble! (Stage 1) - 8ing/Raizing/Capcom - arcade - 2000

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon - Sotaro Tojima - Awake - Konami - Game Boy Advance - 2001

Kero Blaster - Daisuke Amaya - It's My Blaster! (Stage 1 - Hinterland Fort) - Studio Pixel/Playism - Nintendo Switch - 2018

Black Hole Assault - Studio River Kids, Fandango Co. Ltd., Shaka - Phobos - Bignet - Sega CD - 1992

Gato Roboto - Britt Brady - Aqueducts (Clear) - Doinksoft/Devolver - Nintendo Switch - 2019

Shin Megami Tensei -  Tsukasa Masuko, Keisuke Nishino (arr.), Masamitsu Shindoh (arr.) - Mansion of Heresy - Atlus/SIMS - Mega CD - 1994

Gunbrick: Reloaded - Eirik Suhrke - City 2 - Nitrome - Nintendo Switch - 2020

Tech Romancer - Yuki Iwai - City Zone B (Night) - Capcom - Dreamcast - 2000

Sayonara Wild Hearts - Daniel Olsén, Jonathan Eng, Linnea Olsson (voc.) - Begin Again - Simogo/Annapurna Interactive - Nintendo Switch - 2019

Neo Turf Masters - Takushi Hiyamuta (Hiya) - Grand Canyon Golf Course (U.S.A.) - Nazca/SNK - Neo Geo - 1996


  1. A lot of heat in this ep! Sega CD and Dreamcast made a strong showing. Awesome to hear Intelligent Qube and Neo Turf Masters. I had a feeling Hotdog Storm was going to be played.
    If you care about prolonging the life of your Dreamcast I would suggest not playing burned cds. The amount of data compression needed to fit a game on a cd stresses the laser, disc drive motor, tracking motor, and other parts.

  2. Top notch episode! Got a few new songs to work into my cardio playlist.

    Down in the sunshine is roy Ayers not Gil Scott. Great song and both are good artists!

    1. good idea! vgm for cardio, if you got a youtube playlist let me know

  3. Hey, it’s another episode of BOIIIZZZZZ IN SPAAAAACE! Great stuff, guys. Gabe. Love the shirt, and the Neo Turf Masters track! I haven’t played the game, but it’s my favorite Neo Geo OST. Hiyamuta represented the pinnacle of Neo Geo composition; he was one of the few composers to use the YM2610’s FM, sampler, AND PSG fully in his compositions. To quote an early episode of LMH, the [Turf Masters] composers used ALL of the sound hardware.

    Sadly, around that time, Neo Geo composers shifted to mostly using mono samples, so the style of composition really changes after that. There’s a fantastic episode of Pixelated Audio on Neo Turf Masters where they interview Hiyamuta. I think you’d enjoy it: https://pixelatedaudio.com/turfmasters/

  4. Hey, also loved the Kero Blasters track. I’ve been trying to beat the boss rush at the end of Cave Story for a while now, and Pixel’s music is high on my list.

    To me, he captures the same feel as that “Master System Sadness” that Sentimental in San Gabriel talks about on VGMJB. Pixel’s chord choices are interesting; kind of understated and bittersweet. He’s able to convey that “mono no aware”, which is kind of an awareness of the impermanence of all things. When I hear his music, it reminds me of the intense fun I had as a child playing games....and also that I will never fully experience that unadulterated joy again.

  5. Great podcast and music selection as always. Given the subject for this episode, I wanted to suggest the soundtracks for the Konami games Gaiapolis and especially Metamorphic Force.

    1. Also, I got a Streets of Rage 3 vibe from that Gato Roboto track. Specifically the mine tunnel level.

  6. That Neo Turf Masters jam is an absolute classic, and Under Defeat is one I hadn't heard of before but that Stage 1 track was very cool. Britt Baby, baby!

    1. if you liked under defeat check out driving emotion type-s ost by the same composer

  7. Just finished with Kero Blaster and loved the music - Gato Roboto has great music too in a different style.

  8. Could a compromise re the Dreamcast/PS3 game be to buy it on the PS3, but play the burn copy on the Dreamcast?

  9. Rob: Tech Romancer....TECH ROMANCER! XD