17 November 2021

LMH Mixtape #132: Motoaki Takenouchi

If you've ever wanted forty-three straight minutes of pure Motoaki Takenouchi in your life, today is your day.  Carefully curated by Brent and Rob, these selections will take you through a myriad of nuanced emotions on the human spectrum.  Enjoy the sophisticated ride.

Instant new favorite: Gamera: Gyaosu Gekimetsu Sakusen - Gamera Leaves
Other instant new favorite: Granhistoria: Genshi Sekaiki - Ending 2
Brewed new favorite: LandStalker - Treasure Hunter Nigel
Other brewed new favorite: Shining Force: The Sword of Hajya - Ending 1

This song needs lyrics: Double Moon Densetsu - Registration/Final Boss Defeated
Track listing and original episode:

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