17 May 2023

LMH Mixtape #172: Free Play 24

You know the drill at this point.  Free play = a fun variety of VGM tracks.  In the full episode, Brent was sick, but toughed it out, because the show must go on.  Additionally, Brent's brothers, Max and Nicky, joined as guests while visiting for the holidays.


NEO favorite: Breakers - Sho
A Champion track: GP-1 - Champion
A Grand track: F-1 Grand Prix Part III - Story Mode

Track listing and original episode:


  1. Hey guys, I've been listening to your podcasts for a while now from the first episode up and I'm up to the 2015 podcasts now, so I am a big fan and think you're awesome. I was just wondering if you had any advice for some one wanting to start up a kind of video music podcast themselves, I was wanting to avoid any legal troubles, I've noticed these mixes tapes are on Youtube so I assume there is no legal problems playing video game music in full on a Youtube video? is there a certain point where all game music is copyrighted? any tips and help would be so appreciated, thank you

  2. and by point I mean point in time, like say up to the start of the 32 bit era or something like that

    1. Youtube is a little tricky and certain tracks will get copyright claimed, but overall, most tracks can go up without a problem -if you're okay with ads being the video and the revenue from those ads going to the copyright holder. We don't really know too much about if the modern tracks are more susceptible to claims or not.

    2. Thanks so much! That's helpful to know, I would like to do this as a hobby and I'm happy for the copyright holder to receive that revenue, really appreciate your reply

  3. This was a great episode and makes a good mixtape. Particularly love 'Blue Sky' from Super Bonk, it really does go full bonk.